An Overdue Welcome Home

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RICE TOWNSHIP -- A parade of motorcycles, fire trucks, and military vehicles rolled through two counties on Sunday. The goal was to give veterans of Vietnam and Korea the welcome home some feel they never received.

A sky full of sun, a field packed with motorbikes, flags fluttering in the breeze.

People at one American Legion post in Luzerne County pulled out all the stops to send veterans a simple message: welcome home.

Organizer Cynders Hunsicker explained even after decades stateside, veterans of Vietnam and Korea still feel the sting of a harsh homecoming.

"We can't erase everything, and we are not expecting too, but if we can at least close the door on that chapter where they came home and were treated so horribly, we have succeeded in our mission," said Hunsicker, Voices for the Fallen.

Now in its second year, the welcome home escort attracted vets from as far away as Arizona.

"They are all with me. They are all friends of mine, and I never met most of them, so that is just a wonderful feeling," said Sarge Lintecum of Arizona.

Hundreds of riders hit the road, traveling from Mountain Top, through the countryside, and on to Berwick.

Crossing into Columbia County, the reception didn't disappoint. People waving flags lined the streets leading to the Berwick VFW.

"My son came all the way from Indiana to be in this parade today, so I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world," said Donna Barr of Berwick.

The journey ended with fanfare.

The band set the mood with tunes by The Beach Boys.

Vets gathered here said even a delayed homecoming still feels sweet.

"I can't tell you. It's something different, and it brings relief to you," said Bill Sauerwine of Huntington Mills.

Relief at feeling appreciated, honored, and truly at home.


  • Jane Fonda

    So tired of all the crybaby vets with hurt feelings and their stupid bike rides for booze.
    Not to mention the skankey biker grannys. You think Susan ever gave a proper thank you, Dirty Sanchez style ?

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