Update: Two Runners Hit by Car in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Two runners were hit by a vehicle in Scranton Saturday morning.

According to police, a group was running near the Heritage Trail in the area of Broadway Street and Third Avenue when two of the runners were hit.

The women were taken to the hospital.

Police have not said how badly the runners were hurt or if the driver will face any charges.


  • Bob

    The only time I run is when I’m in Wilkes-Barre to visit my parents. I run from my car into their house and from their house into my car

  • JP

    Running in a group, most likely not in a single file but as a pack like dogs. So let’s run or bike for that matter and think your body will stop a moving object at any rate of speed. Get off the streets stupid people and leave it for the vehicles.

  • Frank

    Foot bridges need to be built across the roads like other areas have. Only in the valley of corruption is every thing done half way.Its too bad about the runner getting hit but a person should have been at the crossing to stop traffic for the runners to cross.

    • Paul

      No. Drivers need to get off their phones and heed the clearly marked intersections. Of course, that would involve being aware of the pedestrian law and what a yield sign means. Perhaps that’s asking too much is some folks. Imagine the uproar if a single taxpayer dime were spent on unecessary pedestrian overpasses.

    • E

      Spoken like a true piece of coal miner trash. Oversimplification at it’s best. I suppose if you smash into something with your car your response is “it shouldn’t have been there” duhh duhh ha ha ha!

  • Feed Me More

    i need to stare at my cell phone, that is much more important than keeping my eyes on the road, why should i be bothered with driving safely and not running over people exercising when i need to like my friends picture of their dinner they made, i cant be bothered with this nonsense

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