Big Tree, Big Problems

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NICHOLSON TOWNSHIP -- It took just a day or two for most communities hit by Monday's storm to clean up, but in a part of Wyoming County, people spent five frustrating days waiting for a huge tree to be taken out of the road.

For the first time since Monday evening, Sheridan Lane is clear and open to traffic.

The storms that blew through our area Monday night knocked down countless trees, but it's hard to imagine one causing more headaches than the maple toppled over Sheridan Lane.

People along Lake Sheridan have been waiting all week to see it gone.

Ashley Tylutki's SUV was surrounded by branches and a crumpled carport.

"Tree companies, PPL, Frontier, emergency service people, the township people, everybody, and nothing has been done," Tylutki said.

Township officials say clearing out the tree is more complicated than it looks thanks to multiple property owners, multiple utilities, and a boat that's in danger of being crushed by falling branches.

Steve Gnall's summer home is trapped by the tree. He's spent the week calling for help.

"Wind is a little picking up today, and who knows? I don't know how much it would take to have this thing go all the way," Gnall said.

By lunchtime Saturday, that help finally arrived in the form of tree trimmer Jay Scala.

Scala explains having several property owners, utilities, and the township involved caused confusion about who was in charge.

After five days of staring at a tangle of timber, Gnall relished the sight of branches finally falling.

While the street is back open, there is still plenty of work. Neighbors say underneath the huge stump there is a broken water pipe that needs to be repaired.


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