Big Rig Rollover on I-80 Closed Interstate

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- A tractor trailer crash closed part of Interstate 80 in Monroe County Saturday morning.

State police said a big rig wrecked around 6:30 a.m. on Interstate 80 eastbound in Tunkhannock Township, near the Blakeslee exit. The truck went off the road and rolled over.

The driver is OK.

That part of the interstate was closed for a few hours while crews cleared up the wreck.


  • Lance

    Again these trucks go way to fast. They swerve too quick and roll over. The cops should start monitoring them for their speed.

    • hey now

      Most of them I can honestly say I don’t see speeding, cars are another matter! I see worse drivers in passenger vehicles and even buses. I do however notice they don’t tend to slow down enough in inclement weather. Many of them are on CNS stimulants too to stay awake and alert. Can make any individual behind the wheel and aggressive driver. They hand out psych drugs like M&M’s sooo, ya nevah know!
      Well, at least he’s ok and didn’t roll over another vehicle or hit another truck as in the other accident both truckers perished.

      • Lance

        I have been pushed off the road twice by these rigs doimg 70+. They dont look they just go into the lanes. Yeah there are some stupid nascar type drivers out there. But they are not several tons of steel going full tilt.

    • space cowboy

      Those straight stretches of road can be a challenge. Once marijuana is legalized you won’t see things like this happening any more. According to the dopers, people driving high are more aware and alert.

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