Arts on the Square

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SCRANTON -- The Arts on the Square event in Scranton benefitted from the nice weather Saturday.

People packed Courthouse Square to check out all sorts of items from paintings to purses.

Some people we spoke with say it's nice to see downtown Scranton bustling with activity.

"It's great. You see old friends. You meet new ones," said Susan McKay of Roaring Brook Township.

This is the fifth year for Arts on the Square.


  • whiskey tango

    hey, sounds like a lot of fun. i will have to wait until next year to see it. no idea what good a news channel is if they don’t publish events like these before they happen.

    • think positive

      That’s because the news is too clogged up with pedophiles, drug busts, and child abusers to mention events like this. Who would even think there was something nice going on in Scranton.

    • Name

      They do a holiday one too, I believe on December 2nd this year. If you have a Facebook, you should be able to find it. It’s worth going, I always find lots of great stuff and they have music and food too. They should advertise events like this on local news before they happen.

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