Monroe County Detectives Searching for Man Accused of Fraud

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KUNKLETOWN -- Detectives from the Monroe County District Attorney's Office are searching for a man accused of fraud.

Mark Harrison, 32, of Northampton is wanted in connection with the home improvement fraud of a senior citizen in Kunkletown.

Harrison told the woman he worked for a legitimate home improvement company and overcharged her by tens of thousands of dollars, according to the district attorney's office.

Harrison is facing theft by deception, theft by unlawful taking, and home improvement fraud charges in Monroe County.


  • Lance

    One day he will be old. Maybe justice will be he will be taken advantage of. If not maybe prison will take advantage of him

  • seen it all

    Lets hope he left enough evidence to put him in jail a long time . Amazing how people capable of working would rather steal and harm people , Judge will enjoy this sentencing !

  • ain'ta or no

    Bob, you p.o.s., She is ELDERLY. Obviously you have no respect or sympathy for that situation. See how it feels when you are elderly and alone. Im sure she isnt up on the latwst construction scams. If you are lucky enough to even last that long. One word for folks like you, sir. Morlock.

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