Man Charged in Shooting Where 12 Year Old Was Hurt

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Police charged one of the men involved in a shooting that hurt a child in Williamsport.

Officers say Steven Curtis and another man started shooting at each other on Park Avenue last month.

A 12-year-old boy was hurt in the gunfire.

Curtis faces assault and other charges in Lycoming County.


  • the ruse station

    Almost twelve hours since this story was posted, and they still haven’t corrected his name. Nice job, WNEP.

  • Sad times

    Well at least we should be glad that Mr. Trigger Finger and alleged Dealer is off the streets ! But don’t worry, his replacement/replacments are already here from Philly is my guess ! Seems like Philly ought to have a low crime rate these days, since they have been shipping their best citizens this way since late 80’s

  • get it right

    The shooter’s name is Steven Curtis Reid, a man of color, also a marijuana and cocaine dealer and all around nice guy. Until he sells drugs to your kids. And starts shooting people. They should make it illegal for his kind to have guns.

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