Dunmore Candy Kitchen Closing for Renovations

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DUNMORE -- The Dunmore Candy Kitchen is closing temporarily for renovations.

The Dunmore Kitchen is considered an institution.

"My children,  my wife, grandchildren and even myself," Frank Montaro of Dunmore said. "I don't think there's anyone in Dunmore that hasn't been in that place."

The Dunmore Candy Kitchen has been in its location on Drinker Street for more than a hundred years. Earlier this week, it was announced the store will be closed for a few weeks for renovations.

"We did post it on Facebook," Dunmore Candy Kitchen District Manager Connor Allen said. "We've had a few comments, you know, people asking where they can get their chocolate."

All the renovations will be done on the outside of the store. It will get new siding and new windows. The work will take about two weeks.

"We're going to try to get it done as quick as possible so people can get back in here and get what they love," Allen said.

The Dunmore Candy Kitchen has a lot of loyal customers.

"They've been here so long," Montaro said. "They have a very good reputation and they're famous for their chocolate. They make good candy."

Candy kitchen workers said it's that loyalty that has carried the store through the years.

"It's all because of them because they love the chocolate and they keep coming back," Allen said. "We want to keep the traditions coming and a little updating might help that for the new generation."

Until the Dunmore Candy Kitchen reopens, customers can visit the Davis Street location in Scranton.


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