Deadly Crash in Snyder County

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SHAMOKIN DAM -- According to witnesses, a man struck a concrete barrier in the area of Shamokin Dam Water Tower on Friday.

Richard Deppen, 88, of Shamokin Dam, was driving southbound on Route 11/15 when his vehicle drifted from the passing lane to the driving lane and struck another vehicle according to police.

Deppen was taken to Sunbury Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police say Deppen may have had a medical issue resulting in losing control of his vehicle.

The investigation is ongoing in Snyder County.



    • space cowboy

      So, with you being the good citizen and all, please give us your real name and address so we can make sure that you’re complying with your own rules. I would rather have ma or pa on the road in their Buick or Crown Vic than some boozed-up coal cracker in a Jeep or some stoner in a rice-rocket with a fart can muffler.

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