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Woman Crashes into Guard Rail After Overdosing on Heroin

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LYCOMING TOWNSHIP -- Authorities say a woman crashed her car after overdosing on heroin in Lycoming Township.

It happened just after noon on Thursday along the Route 15 north near Cogan Station.

Officers say the driver confessed to using two bags of heroin just minutes before her vehicle swerved and crashed into a guard rail.

Police aren't revealing her name until she's charged in Lycoming County.


  • think positive

    Very nice to know we’re driving around on the same roads as overdosed-heroin-addicts. Good that she crashed into a guardrail instead of another car.


    remember people, the heroin epidemic all starts at your friendly neighborhood drs office, but those pills he gives me are ok because they’re prescribed and I’m just running up the road to the store anyway, it’s fine.

    • Fight for what's right

      So many people begin this way; 75% of heroin addicts begin their addiction with over the counter opiates. That’s the truth. And making pills harder to get has pushed up the quality of heroin on the street as dealers compete with price and purity.

      • billy bob

        ^^^ yes exactly. then the cycle continues by giving them suboxone or methadone which just keeps addiction going. i think its pretty backwards when a company makes the solution to a problem they created and they get to profit from both ends. Big pharma is the root cause of all of these issues. yet, most people on here just think that everyone who uses heroin makes a choice to just start ruining their own life. wrong, it all starts at your doctors office and eventually ends up on the street. at least some people are educated on here.

        source: recovered heroin addict.

      • high times

        Yet there’s so many options for treatment, but a lot of junkies would rather go for that high. Only the ones that truly want help get help. Source: Another heroin addict.

  • Mike Laskowski

    What is a “guard rail”? Isn’t it called a “guide rail”? Who proof reads these headlines? They’re not doing their job. Dumb ass.

  • El Ma

    Yes, I “get this,” completely. You see, heroin actually attracts guide rails, so the woman didn’t actually drive her vehicle into it, rather, the guide rail was answering the lure of the opiate. I’ve seen this many, many times, and it’s confusing for the guide rails and often doesn’t end well. (blink)

  • Sad times

    So sick of being on the road with Junkies crashing their cars ! Used to be Drunks when I was little many decades ago, now it is even worse more Heroin Junkies crashing vehicles than drunks it seems, what possesses these people to take that stuff or ever try it 1 time ?

    • Joske

      Then they want to legalize marijuana too. Great, let’s put more and more morons out on the roads to kill us and our friends and family.

      • Mad Dog

        Yeah, this is the most uneducated comment I’ve probably seen. I’m not advocating driving while under the influence of any kind of substance whatsoever. But if you’re going to compare the dangers of driving stoned to that of being drunk or high on heroin, it doesn’t even compare. I’d rather be on the road with stoners all day than drunks or smack-heads. You clearly just believe whatever Nixon told you 40 years ago, despite decades or research stating otherwise.

      • misty

        News flash kids the pot heads are already on the roads have been for years and years they are the ones driving 20 mph tho not 90 and id rather follow them than anyone else!!

      • run along

        @MAD DOG Seriously? Most uneducated? Impairment is impairment you goof. Reaction times are slowed, judgement and decision making is affected. 20 or 90 MPH, they’re still a hazard when they don’t stop at the intersection, etc. I personally could care less if someone wants to smoke, drink, snort, or inject themselves into oblivion – just stay off the road. People suck at driving when they’re sober, add any of the above and it’s not going to end well.

      • jimbo

        judging by your response you’re the moron. do some research hillbilly. marijuana significantly reduces the need for prescription painkillers, which directly results in solving the opiate epidemic and bringing in a bunch of money to boot. Be realistic: people are gonna smoke pot anyway. why not make profit for the state instead of in the pockets of drug dealers? driving drunk is just as dangerous as driving high on heroin, and no body seems to have an issue with booze around here.

      • high times

        “Be realistic: people are gonna smoke pot anyway. why not make profit for the state instead of in the pockets of drug dealers?” Well then, if we want to make money for the state, let’s tax the money paid to hit men because, let’s face it, people are going to have people killed anyhow. While we’re at it, make it OK for people to drive drunk, because after all, they’re going to do it anyway. The catch will be that people that want to drive drunk will get a permit for it and all the proceeds go to the state. Doesn’t matter if a few innocent people get killed along the way. You’re an effing idiot.

    • El Ma

      Sad Times, are you retarded, or what? The data regarding the differences between alcohol abuse and use of marijuana while driving are very clear. Smoke some weed, and a driver goes 15-20 mph BELOW the speed limit and is so paranoid that they are hyper-aware of the rules of the road. Drink 5 bourbon and cokes, and a driver acts like they’re driving NASCAR.

      I have never heard of a driver under the influence of marijuana (ONLY) that took out a family of 6 in a collision. I have known entirely too many individuals who, under the influence of alcohol, either killed themselves or others while driving.

      Take off those blinders – weed is just that: a plant. Alcohol and heroin are both processed and refined products.

      • run along

        Thanks for encouraging people to get smoked up and climb behind the wheel. ‘The data’… So someone driving 20 MPH under the posted limit isn’t a hazard? Try it on I-81 or the Central Scranton Expressway this weekend and chances are we’ll be reading about your accident here on Monday. How about instead of discussing which drug is the least impairing – we just drive sober and not distracted? Is that too much to ask? Smoke dope until Cheech and Chong bow down to you in reverence, drink until you pass out – just don’t freaking drive until you’re sober. Are peoples lives that miserable and disgusting that they can’t function unless they have some mind-altering substance in their bodies? These are sad times indeed.

      • round on both ends and high in the middle

        I’ve got some free tickets to the Ohio State Fair, you should try their amusement rides. “Roughly 10 percent of Washington state drivers involved in fatal car crashes between 2010 and 2014 tested positive for recent marijuana use, with the percentage of drivers who had used pot within hours of a crash doubling between 2013 and 2014, according to a new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.” Just because you’ve not personally known of any MJ related fatalities doesn’t mean they don’t happen.

      • nice analogy

        Weed is just a plant. So are neddles and nightshade. Ticks and scorpions are just insects. 1000’s of pharmaceuticals are helping people live better productive lives. Oops, I forgot, they are evil since they are processed and refined.

      • El Ma

        I didn’t indicate that I smoke weed, now did I?

        If people drive impaired by anything: alcohol, weed, heroin, prescribed medication, lack of sleep, road rage, etc…..there will be consequences. Of course, there will be.

        The highest percentage of traffic fatalities is attributed to speeding, followed by alcohol consumption and driving as a close second. Every day, in the State of PA, 29 alcohol-related crashes occur.

        The U.S. Department of Transportation research data of driving simulator tests suggested that, while alcohol increased the risk of a crash by 7.4%, marijuana use increased the risk by only 0.7%; taken together, though, they were associated with an 8.4% increase in risk. Prescribed medications present a significantly higher percentage of impairment.

        So, you fellows who are blowing a gasket over this concept can collectively blow it out of your cracked blocks.


        Like I said before, I could care less if you or anyone smokes dope or anything else like that – just stay off the roads if you do. Thanks for pointing out that 7.4% plus 0.7% equals 8.4%, the calculator on my phone doesn’t work. Hey – here’s an idea – how about 0.0% impairment? Put that in your bong and blow it out, you pompous blowhard.

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