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Ride Safety at the Troy Fair

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TROY -- The rides at the Troy Fair run constantly and usually have a steady line of people eager to take a spin.

But ride safety became an issue after a ride at the Ohio State Fair broke down mid-ride. One person died and several more got hurt.

Jonathan Mitchell is the head foreman for Bates Brothers Amusement. The company is based in Ohio and runs the rides at the Troy Fair.

Mitchell says he felt sick to his stomach when he heard what happened.

"Somebody had to have known about it and have seen it, and to continue to let people on there without 100 percent knowing that it's safe."

Mitchell says his rides would not open if he wasn't sure they were safe.

Not only are the rides checked out by a state inspector before the fair even starts, they're inspected here three times a day during the fair.

"About halfway through the day, we stop and inspect the ride. We go around and check everything and make sure the keys are put in, pins are put in and everything's in place," Mitchell explained.

One day after the Ohio State Fair incident, people were still riding at the Troy Fair. They tell Newswatch 16 they feel safe.

"We didn't think there would be any issues with the ride safety here. We've come before and never had any problem and no problems that I'm aware of that have occurred here," said Jeff Osmond of Sayre.

"I'm over 70 and I have been going to parks for more than 50 years. I've never witnessed a problem with any ride after all those years," said John Sczepanski of Ithaca, New York.

"You have people's lives in your hands and if you kill somebody because you didn't inspect your ride properly, you're facing charges," Mitchell added.

One reason people love the rides at the Troy Fair is admission to the fair is $7 and that includes unlimited rides. The Troy Fair runs through Saturday in Bradford County.

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