Recycling at the Tricky Triangle

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POCONO RACEWAY -- Over the past few years, Pocono Raceway has put an emphasis on more than just getting racers and fans to the track.

The raceway has worked to become more eco-friendly.

That's why when fans check into their RV spots, they get more than just a parking pass.

"They gave us a blue bag. As a matter of fact, it's right there. We put all of our aluminums in there and we put the bag out and have them take it," said Charles Ramos, Carbondale.

The blue bags are just one way the track is promoting recycling.

In the Media Center, the bins are marked with what trash should go where.

"Generally, we are just making sure we are doing the right thing for our environment. All of our RV campers, tent campers, all receive recycling bags. Our main media center, our sky boxes and a lot of our focus areas have composting and recycling and trash bins," said Ben May, Pocono Raceway President.

When you visit the race track you'll notice next to every garbage can, there is a recycling bin, making it easier for fans to properly throw away their trash.

"We know it's unnatural to some people when you're saying OK is it composting, is it recycling, what is this plate, the fork, the cup but we've gotten to a place where we can make sure it's very clear and very easy," said May.

"It's a great thing that they are doing it. It's important to keep recycling going whether you are at the race or you are home," said Ramos.

Pocono Raceway officials say the hope is to reduce the amount of trash going to a landfill by 75 percent to 80 percent by 2020.

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