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Nanticoke Residents Shocked as Charges are Filed against Former Teacher, Mayor

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NANTICOKE -- Edward Butkiewicz was once a public servant in Luzerne County, but he now faces charges, accused of trying to lure teens into his car with the promise of money, and this isn't the first time Butkiewicz has faced charges.

People who know the victims say they are on edge because Butkiewicz tried more than once to get teens into his car.

A police report shows Butkiewicz tried to lure teenagers into his car in the Nanticoke area with money twice this week. Those close to the victims say if he wasn't arrested, he would've come back.

"I'm very worried that he will show back up. I'm almost 100 percent sure, he's like 70-something, and he's not right in his head."

Police say Butkiewicz tried to get a 13-year-old boy in the car with him on Sunday and asked him about his private area, offering the boy $3 to keep their secret.

Instead, the teen called police. Investigators say he came back again on Wednesday and tried to lure even more teens, asking one victim if he was gay and wanted to make some money.

Bill Park says he was a student when Butkiewicz was a teacher at Nanticoke High School. Park never saw charges like this coming.

"It was just nuts. I can't believe he would do something like that. He didn't seem like that type of guy in school," Park said.

This is not the first time Butkiewicz has faced similar charges. Back in 2003, he was sentenced to two years of probation for fondling a 13-year-old he picked up at Apollo circle in Nanticoke.

This time around, those close to the victims say they hope he's put behind bars.

"He got a second chance at life, apparently, and blew it all over again. So it really goes to show people don't change."

And she says Butkiewicz's behavior could scar the teens for life.

"He doesn't trust well and it's going to affect him. I would say it would affect any child!"

The former mayor and teacher was locked up with bail set at $100,000.


  • Pooter

    Probably a lot of rhythmic slapping coming from his office during his teaching days. Parents in schuylkill county were always looking the other way when molestors were around so i guess thats what happened here. Stank’s barbershop in Frackville was a pedo den yet it stayed open for business!

  • tiny turtle

    I really hope that they dig deep into this guy’s history. People don’t just turn into predators at 60-70 years old. I have a feeling that there are numerous victims out there from his teaching days and such. I really, truly hope that his former victims now feel safe enough and strong enough to come forward and get justice and send this monster to prison for the remainder of his years.

  • El Ma

    Um…………wait just a second. Did he go to the Sandusky School Of Pedophilia where graduates receive multiple “Get Out Of Jail, FREE” cards, or WHAT?!?!

    He was charged with “fondling” another kid in 2003, and………..what? He was let go on his own good recognizance?

    Let’s throw out a little “hate speech,” here. This man (and, his ilk) need to be taken out of society. Just taken out, dropped onto a treeless island in the middle of the Pacific, and forget the handful of vegetable seeds. Omigawd……..just………..criminy crissmass

  • Laura

    how did this person interviewed not know – i had him in grade school and we knew even back then in the 80’s

    • think positive

      I also wondered at first how nobody could see it in him. But then I thought about how we’re constantly being pushed by media and society in general, to accept things that seem unnatural to us. So maybe people are losing their ability to see what’s lying beneath the surface…otherwise we’re called judgmental or prejudice.

  • i quit..


  • unbelievable!

    Why are people shocked? This is his second time getting caught. I ask the residents of Nanticoke, “What would be shocking to you people, the tenth time? Maybe the fifteenth time? How about number twenty? Yeah, that’s probably it huh, the twentieth time. You Nanticokians are some real winners!

    • El Ma

      Precisely. Once a predator, always a predator, and age isn’t going to stop them. Ever. ew………..ew……….ew

      • el ma has spoken

        Wow, you are so smart. What’s it like to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and say to yourself ‘I know everything there is to know, and everyone else is wrong’? Pompous butthead.

      • El Ma

        “El Ma Has Spoken,” you’re one of them, aren’t you………are you one of the porn-grubbing, candy-toting, nail-biting, chair-sniffing pervs? This will likely be the last response I make to you, Edward, because you’re a name-calling coward that is incapable of rational, adult discussion. Pompous? LOL!!!!!!!! You bet, I am. There’s “right,” and there’s “wrong.” You apparently were never taught that in your Montessori pre-school. (waves a final dismissal) Pfft. In the wind, fruitcake

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