Former Teacher Facing Additional Charges in Lackawanna County

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SCRANTON -- A teacher accused of molesting his students is now facing more charges in Lackawanna County.

Richard Humphrey, 62, used to be an automotive instructor at the Lackawanna County Career Technology Center.

He was first charged back in May after seven boys, aged 16 to 18, said he touched them inappropriately.

District attorney Shane Scanlon confirmed that three more victims have come forward with similar claims.

Humphrey faces felony charges of corruption of minors and institutional sexual assault.


  • The Joke is...

    once again, the irony of this guys name… Richard Humphry… Dick Hump Free (well not when he is convicted)

  • El Ma

    “Institutional sexual assault.” Wow. That is quite a charge, there.

    There really IS something in the water, isn’t there?

  • Stinky

    Sooo disgusting!!! The school needs to be shut down and all degrees revoked especially nursing degrees!! The alumni is just as guilty!!!…maybe even more guilty!

    • Ethan A

      As an alumni from the school I can surely say that he does not represent what the school has to offer and doesn’t represent any other alumni in any way. And if you actually looked into it he was the automotive instructor, and had nothing to do with the nursing program. Don’t go scrambling for people to blame only he is at fault no one else

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