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Former Mayor, Teacher Accused of Luring Children

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NANTICOKE -- A former mayor and teacher is accused of trying to lure children into his car in Luzerne County.

The video shown is of Edward Butkiewicz from 2003 after he admitted to touching a teenage boy inappropriately.

Police arrested the former mayor of Nanticoke after he tried to get a 16-year-old boy in the car with him near Nanticoke on Wednesday.

A 13-year-old told police the man offered him money to go for a ride and asked the boy to expose himself Sunday.

The retired teacher faces luring and other charges in Luzerne County.


  • seen it all

    Nanticoke will come out as one of the most crime ridden towns, pop 10,465 (2010 census) Has more murders , robberies and molesters than any town I know of Then there’s the druggies . Must be 1 % major criminals or better .

  • Lance

    Its been quiet for a few days no new sex predator etc. But in NEPA these pervs are as common as crabgrass. They constantly pop up

  • liberalism is a mental illness

    From 1999: “Edward Butkiewicz, the sixth-grade history teacher charged in 1998 with improper conduct, soon will have his job back, an arbitrator ruled Monday. Butkiewicz also will receive back pay and benefits for his nearly 15-month suspension from Greater Nanticoke Area, according to the decision handed down by Robert L. Kyler. During the 1996-97 school year, Butkiewicz earned $62,816.” From 1998: “Using the word ‘n*gg*r’ in class. Spanking students and tugging on their underwear. Showing historical movies in which women’s breasts are exposed.” Democrat Edward Butkiewicz.

  • gwilkers

    This is a recurring theme in NEPA. but why do parents continue to post 1,000 of kids pics on facebook? These parents shouldnt even let kids on social media especially with the track record this area has with pedophiles. The psu Sandusky story should be bad enough then you throw in an everyday pedophile arrest.

      • run along

        Because that’s called ‘murder’ and it’s against the law, and they would rather be out of jail in order to protect and provide for their children instead of following through on some blow-hard ideology?

    • iseelosers

      And why should people stop doing normal things just because we have despicables like this creeper out there with depraved minds? Let’s all stop posting family photos so the pervs don’t get dark ideas? We definitely want to discourage our older children from posting suggestive photos however God forbid any accountability lay at the criminals feet.

    • El Ma

      It must have something to do with all of the frack-mining and the “secret sauce” that they pump down the wells to fill in the gaps. Yippee! Now, we can not only count on the entire State becoming a Superfund Site, but the side effects include rampant and inexplicable pedophilia…………………….. (face-palm)

  • Common Sense

    Ok. Now go to Susquehanna Community High School, The teacher’s name is “Roland”. He has been a pedophile Deluxe (gay) for over 40 years now. You wont have any trouble finding him, He is VERY well known.

    • Mike

      Lol he hated me. As far as I know he never solicited any kids. He had a fellow teacher as a boyfriend. Pretty much common knowledge. Now we did have a guy named O’Hara but he was arrested for child porn.

      • Common Sense

        LOL..Yep, “Toby”….. remember “Mack” or “Bobby” the gay wrestling coach? “Rollie” the English teacher used to come and watch us shower after gym class.
        SCHS is full of sick people in high positions…….but what do “WE” know about it?

      • Common Sense

        …..WOW….I just remembered “Chuck” the gym coach, that would makeout and feelup the then 17 year old Homecoming Queen in the hallways between classes……and the RAGING lesbian Girls Gym Coach.
        ….Do you remember Sheriff Allan Booth of Susquehanna County? Convicted gay pedophile.
        Good Grief…:(

  • El Ma

    Okay. This is clearly the reason why there is such rampant child sexual abuse in our State. From the highest public positions (like this moron and Sandusky) down to the lowest of the low, these predators believe that they are untouchable. Particularly, those in high-visibility positions.

    These animals need to be taken out of society. I type it, over and over: drop them all onto a treeless island in the dead center of the Pacific Ocean with a handful of vegetable seeds and let them duke it out between themselves for survival. Put them ALL there – the child abusers, the sexual predators, the recidivists, the psychopaths – put them all there, together, and let them kill one another off in their struggle for power and control. No technology, no tools, no nothing other than themselves, the clothing on their backs, the shoes on their feet, and the seeds in their hands.


    • El Ma

      ……and, how proud his family must be to have his name, face, and history plastered all over the news and interwebs.

      These predators don’t care whom they harm, even those who mistakenly believe in their integrity.

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