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Does It Really Work: Copper Chef Grill and Bake Mat

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In this edition of Does It Really Work,  we test out the Copper Chef Grill and Bake Mat. The maker claims the reusable non-stick cooking mat will keep your grill cleaner because it reduces burning food and flares ups.

It's said to cook food evenly and doesn't allow food to fall through the grill.

But, does it really work?

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  • Fredric

    Sounds like this is a trade off. It worked as advertised but not what you were used to. Fair enough. It delivered juicy and like rare but you like well done with less the grease. Oui-vey. Everyone’s a critic. 😂😂

    However, did well with veggies as it was a slower cook.

    That said, you did well in the Jeff Gordon style of mentioning Boscovs, the supplier, also.


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