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Carbondale Man Facing Molestation Charges

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CARBONDALE --  Police say that Jonathan Sandoval, 24, of Carbondale is charged with molesting two boys, both 13.

He is facing corruption of minors, indecent assault, and unlawful contact with minor charges.

The victims said they were sexually assaulted the week of June 18th.

Sandoval is locked up in Lackawanna County on $25,000 bail.


  • Sneds Fan 4 Life

    With all of these sex pedos running wild in Pa it seems like SEDCO is working on bringing sex roamers into the county cause there sure as heck ain’t no economic development.

  • Gwilikers

    Every story today is about molestation or some kind of sex offense. I know nepa is kind of depressing with all the blight, drugs, weird high school obsessions,odd psu centric culture, poor weather and corruption. But some people need new hobbies in this weird place.

  • think positive

    Wow. Another one today. How many of these rejects are there out there? Lock them up and melt the key.

    • El Ma

      It appears that there are more perverts and pedophiles than the news can handle. There are 5 news stories on this page, this morning, alone – two, of course, are about the former Mayor-slash-teacher-slash-pedo-perv, so that makes 4 different sexual predators reported in one single day on this news site.

      These predators are acting-out because we have a touchy-feely-I’m-okay-you’re-okay Justice System. We want everyone to “get better” to live a “happy” and productive life. Well, well, well……..we’re beginning to reap the rewards of such outrageous thinking. There have been, are now, and always will be predators. These predators cannot be “cured,” by any means. They are missing something in their genetics and/or environmental upbringing that causes them to be what they are. They know what they are, and they also know that they can control their compulsions, if they choose. It may not be pleasant, and it may not be what they want, but they are making choices. Period.

      So, instead of trying to “understand” these vile creatures and “cure” them, they need to be taken off of the streets, permanently. Forever. That’s it. At this point, with each day that passes, and every day brings at least 2 newly identified pedophiles or sexual predators, it is glaringly obvious that something very drastic needs to be done to send out the message, “You are NOT ‘okay’ with what you are doing and you will NOT be treated with leniency if you choose to act-out on your impulses.” Plain, and simple.

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