California Man Bikes More Than 2,000 Miles To Pa, Hoping To Help End Sexual Abuse In Men and Boys

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HAWLEY -- An emotional embrace after a long journey across the country. After biking from California to Hawley PA, Randy Boyd and his driver Eddie Fisher were finally done.

Boyd began his ride on June 18th just outside Los Angeles and wrapped up at the Cocoon Coffee Shop in Hawley.

“Exhilarating emotional, draining, frustrating every emotion a human being can have I have gone through. I have seen America in a way I never thought America existed,” said Boyd.

Randy Boyd is the founder of the courageous healers foundation based in California.

He decided to ride across America to help stomp out shame in men and boys who have been sexually abused. Randy was abused as a child and dealt with the struggle for more than 30 years.

He says the hardest part is opening up to someone else.

“If it's okay for somebody to do something to you then why do they have to keep it a secret that’s the whole thing. So we have to start the conversation with the children you have to say something to me,” added Boyd.

The 60-year-old was accompanied by his friend Eddie Fisher who drove a truck in front of randy across eleven states.

They decided to end here in Hawley after visiting some friends in this part of Wayne County last year.

“It's been so beautiful to have a front row seat and watch your friend do something incredible day in and day out watching him pedal for a purpose,” Eddie Fisher told Newswatch 16.

Randy Boyd admitted biking more than 2,000 miles was tough but he didn't want to let anyone down.

“Especially climbing a lot of hills just look at it like the survivors go through it every day and if you struggle through it a long time you know what it's like. You can push through this you can do whatever you want,” said Boyd.

Boyd wants to eventually open a center for people dealing with sexual abuse.


  • El Ma

    Noble effort. It was suggested by someone that one could line up about 15 pedophiles – in a straight line, now, with steps or bricks to make them all the same height. Then, spend the $10 per round (?) for a .50 caliber shell, and use a Barrett to just put an end to it all.

    My argument was that it would make a dreadful mess and that I didn’t feel that taxpayers’ contributions should be used for cleanup. The gent strongly disagreed with my stance.

  • Bob

    Forget bike riding, and start target practice. The freaks that do this to children need to put in the grave

  • gwilkers

    He came to the right state. Hopefully he visits Sandusky valley, Nanticoke and of course Schuylkill county.

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