Accused Bathroom Peeper In Pike County

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BLOOMING GROVE TOWNSHIP---Caitland Williams, 22, of Lords Valley is charged with sexual abuse of children by recording, attempted child pornography and more.

State police say he used a cell phone to record women and kids in the women's bathroom at the Dunkin Donuts and Xtra Mart in Blooming Grove Township from November 2015 through December of 2015.

"Lock him up and throw the key away. What the hell's wrong with our society today? That's my attitude towards it, lock him up, throw him away," said Gene Castimore of Blooming Grove.

State police say the phone was discovered on Christmas Eve in 2015.

Troopers tried to find fingerprints on the phone to identify the owner but were not successful.

Recently they got new information that led them to Williams.

The business has changed management since 2015 and employees said they have no idea about what happened before.

People who stop in the area are disturbed.

"How do you look at this face and not want to like kill somebody when they do that to a kid? It's terrible,” said Krista Cosenzo of New York State, gesturing to her daughter.

State police say if you think you've been a victim, in this case, they want to hear from you. Call Blooming Grove State Police at 570-226-5718.

"Cameras? Yeah, that becomes ugly. Not my daughter, not, you know, not anybody I know, I hope,” said Ric Underhill of Dingmans Ferry.


  • pedo coal crackers

    The “new lurkers” are all heading to the mall now. The vo-tech woods are getting way too overloaded with street roamers. You can hardly slide a piece of floss in between those tents. Soiled BVDs hanging on every tree branch and powerline marking their territory. It’s complete chaos in those woods I tell you, complete chaos.

  • wayne k

    The lurkers are about to outnumber us, especially in Schuylkill County. No stores are open in the mall but there are still 2-3 lurkers in there. I just don’t understand it.

  • Pooter

    NEPedoA! A sex peeper added to sex lurers, sex roamers, sex lurkers…. this state is so sick. I think the sex roamers in Frackville took over that town. You don’t hear anything from people that live there. Concerning.

  • tomtom

    What is wrong with the Irish in Blooming Grove? You think they would have learned from the Frein case.

  • El Ma

    Oh, my. Did this pig do this in a “gender neutral” bathroom, then?

    Sexual predators are a problem that can only be fixed in one way: take them out of society, completely. Somehow, these animals need to be taken off of the streets, forever. No bail. No parole. No “chemical castration.” Just taken out of society, somehow.

    • el ma has spoken

      Thanks for chiming in Elmer, the comments section wouldn’t be the same without your enlightenend insight. You and Archie Beal should get a room together.

  • Mad Dog

    Name your son “Caitland” and you’re already asking for trouble. Especially when he turns out to be a big, black dude.

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