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142nd Troy Fair Underway

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TROY--The 142nd Troy Fair is in full swing, and these guys are in it to win it. Cows, goats, rabbits, horses and more are here at the fair getting groomed for all kinds of competitions.

"I like the animals. I have a farm and I raise black angus. I haven't been up there yet because I'm here with my daughter and grandkids and they want to ride," Peggie Acampora said.

Speaking of rides, the price of fair admission is $7 and includes unlimited rides. But what a lot of people come to the Troy Fair for is the food.

"Crawfish to funnel cakes, pizza, you name it it's here," Cathy Jenkins said.

There are more than 200 food and craft vendors at the Troy Fair, including The Grilled Cheese Cafe & Catering. The stand is out of Trout Run, and their claim to fame is gourmet grilled cheese.

"We have customers who come for breakfast, lunch and dinner through the whole fair so it's pretty interesting," Nick Cowles said.

In addition to all of that, there's a lot of free entertainment, like the popular pig races.

It was a busy afternoon at "Pork Chop Downs". A large crowd got to see three pig races. The pigs had names such as "Piggy Azalia" and "Katy Piggy Perry".

"My favorite one is Donald Rump Roast now because he won," Kale Howland said.

The Troy Fair runs through Saturday night at the fairgrounds just off Route 14.