Valley View Estates Not Safe for Resident After Water Shut Off

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ARCHBALD -- Residents of a mobile home park in Lackawanna County are being put on notice that their homes are no longer safe to live in.

Warning notices were tacked up Wednesday afternoon at Valley View Estates in Archbald which has not had water since Monday.

As worried residents looked on, inspectors with a private firm went door to door in Valley View Estates, putting warning notices on doors.

They were brought in by Archbald officials to alert residents their mobile home park was no longer safe to live in.

The park has had no water since Monday when Pennsylvania American Water shut it off due to outstanding past bills that residents say the property's owner has not paid.

While the signs are not eviction notices, residents worry that may be next.

“We need this turned back on. These people have no place to go. They live here because this is their home,” said resident Giovanna Malcolm.

Residents were given both a 30-day notice from the water company as well as a 10-day notice which informed them the water shut off to the park could be avoided with a payment of nearly $3,900.

At least one resident put her monthly rent toward that total.

“I chose instead of paying the park manager the rent, I chose to pay the American Water company upon receiving these notices on our doors,” said a resident who didn’t want to give her name.

Residents said the landlord and owner of Valley View Estates, Eugene Egan, is locked up.

Police confirm he's being held in Berks County on drug charges.

“The landlord, owner, is in prison and he's going to be there for a while,” said Malcolm. “My opinion is it's up to the manager to set up and pay the bill, but he won't do that. He says he can't.”

“People have paid, put money on water bills rather than pay the rent because he's not doing anything,” said resident Mildred Matylewicz. “It's deplorable and we go through this every month because he's not doing anything.”

Pennsylvania American Water says water to Valley View Estates was shut off once before in September of 2015, also due to failure by the owner to pay bills.

Pennsylvania American Water will be providing a water tanker for residents on Wednesday night.


    • John rumba

      Not all of us is on welfare and u have some nerves to call ppl scumbags we would been good place if the owner did not done what he done he was a slum lord

  • Jess

    Does it really make sense that they shut their water off but are brining in a water tanker?! What in the world!!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      The tanker is probably supplied by some sort of relief effort or program.

      It’s not as simple as just turn the valve off and walk away.

      The owner will be subject to some major issues over this in addition to his back due bills.

      An investor should jump on this park. Probably buy it at a steal!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    They need to leave this water on and lien the property. There are too many people dependent on it and at the mercy of the property owner.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Good chance the trailers are owned by the occupants and that would be destruction of property, which happens to be a crime. Actually leveling them all may cross over into an act of terrorism if the DA is trying to make a name for themselves?? With a separate count for each trailer?

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