Paving Project Beginning in Wyoming County

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TUNKHANNOCK -- PennDOT has started a repaving project on Route 6 through the Tunkhannock area.

It will cover a seven-mile stretch of the road and last about two months.Phil Huff said the road needs to be fixed.

"It's an area well-traveled," Phil Huff of Tunkhannock said. "Heavy area, well-traveled. The bypass has been a phenomenal thing."

Huff said the road needs to be fixed. Others worry the paving work will cause delays. Crews are only working on a small part of the road this week. While they are working, traffic will be down to one lane.

"I think they should probably be doing it at night when there is not so much traffic because there is a lot of traffic that comes through here," Sarah Striaby of Tunkhannock said.

One of the main things people are concerned about with the construction project through Tunkhannock is whether it will still be going on when school starts.

"I can see it being pretty inconvenient for kids getting home," Striaby said.

The construction will cover the seven-mile stretch of Route 6 between the Deer Park Lumber Yard and the Mile Hill Collision Center. Myron Labar is one of the owners of the collision center. He said he's not too worried about the construction affecting his business.

"I guess that's just something you'll have to deal with," Labar said. "It's not something you like, but our customers are pretty loyal. They'll get here somehow."

The project is expected to be finished by the middle of September. It will cost about $1.8 million.


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