Long Lines for Section 8 Housing Applications in Monroe County

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- For the first time in nearly 10 years, the Housing Authority of Monroe County accepted applications for Section 8 housing in the county.

The first 300 people in line were able to fill out applications and hand them in at Northampton Community College near Tannersville.

Some people camped out overnight just to be first in line to fill out an application.

It's been years since the housing authority has been able to accept applications.

People Newswatch 16 spoke to say it goes to show how great the need for housing is in Monroe County.

It was a long day for Antoinette Dunn from Stroudsburg. She was up bright and early to come to Northampton Community College where the Housing Authority of Monroe County was accepting applications.

"This morning was very hectic," said Dunn. "I hear someone yell out the window and say, 'Antoinette!' at four o'clock this morning so we can come here and fill out paperwork for Section 8."

The first 300 people in line were given an application.

Housing authority officials tell Newswatch 16 the list hasn't been open since 2008.

"They are getting put on a list and when money and vouchers become available, then we can pull from the list and hopefully they can get subsidized housing," explained Linda Kaufman, Monroe County Housing Authority.

At one point, traffic was backed up so badly on Route 715, police had to shut it down. County officials say this just goes to show how great the need for housing is in the area.

"Some people were even here last night. They stayed all night in cars. This is tremendously important because our homeless population, Monroe County, lacks affordable housing. We don't have enough shelters. We just need so much help here in Monroe County," Kaufman said.

"We need more space and the only way we can get it is to apply for Section 8," said Dunn. "I can have a bedroom, living room, kitchen and a bathroom."

Monique Rittenhouse from East Stroudsburg made it early enough to get an application. She says it's sad to see just how many people are looking for help.

"It breaks my heart. I've been there and I am still struggling. It just breaks my heart," Rittenhouse said.

Housing authority officials did have to turn a few hundred people away.

Those who were not able to fill out an application for housing in Monroe County were referred to nearby counties that currently have openings.


  • Hip Stir

    Within a year you will find Monroe County with an even bigger drug problem…..when these housing opportunities pop up, drugs increase. Coincidence? Officials don’t care, other states/cities pay smaller communities to take their trash so they can gentrify where these bums used to live. $10 for boutique ice cream and all that in the former ghetto…..Everyone is laughing all the way to the bank on this one.

  • Ron McLaughlin

    There should be some (maybe there is ? ) provision that you must be a County resident for a few yrs.
    I have heard these Sec. 8 vouchers are portable and being used from out of state/county people -leaving long time residents at the back of the line .

  • Jake Smule

    Cut me a break. The video shows several carrying smart phones that cost several hundred dollars, most of them are not starving as is evident in the pictures of their enormous stomachs and rear ends.
    Tell them they have to stand in line for a job and see how many show up.
    Send them all back to NY and NJ

    • Do the math

      Get a job? Workers are making minimum wage ($7.25/hr = $1,160/month) or let’s even go to $10/hr ($1600/month) in this area (primarily due to the stupidity of a tourism-based economy). Try and pay an apartment, car to get to work as we have essentially no public transportation in this country, and yes a cell phone b/c that’s is not a luxury per se these days, HEALTH INSURANCE, and oh yeah: food, clothes, medicine, heat, electricity…….While I would agree these programs should not generally be in perpetuity and should include educational/vocational training for able bodied people, in a “great” country we help our neighbors in need and not just give money to the billionaires for their fourth vacation mansion.

      • Lloyd schmucatelli

        A minimum wage job is a choice. In the evenings and on the weekends you can either choose to start a side business or watch Jerry springer. I’m sure most of those losers know when Jerry comes on and dvr in when they aren’t home.

  • pot smoker

    I would like to see those 500 people look for work ( try being there when a business opens thats not welfare ) Sad I’ve watched friends with all the time to play and welfare made it possible – while I went to work . Crackdown on welfare bums is what is needed , Most use welfare and drug sales to live , system needs drug testing and work requirement , not druggies with free methadone ( we keep losers high! ) What a stupid failure of a system ( “projects” etc.)

    • WWJD

      How about we crack down first on the CORPORATE welfare bums first? Exxon and most of the Fortune 500 countries pay NO taxes (along with Trump) and even receive tax credits. The cost of these housing programs is a pittance in comparison and actually does some good in most cases.

  • Knows what she is talking about

    I hope everyone knows that to even be eligible for Section 8 housing you have to have INCOME !!! It’s not free!
    Section is rent assistance. You have to pay 30% of your adjusted income. Section 8 is for help paying a private landlord. You’d have no idea if you were living next door to someone on Section 8. Trust me !

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli


      You can get a HUGE majority of your rent subsidized by section 8, but then CEO or United Way will pick up the balance. Some of these scumbags have doctorate degrees in how to work system!!

      Poverty is learn by the youth, handed down generation after generation at the feet of the elders.

      It’s a crime. It’s an abomination and one of largest and most embarrassing aspects of our society.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Also, there is no incentive for Section 8 office to get people off of Section 8 and back out into the open housing market.

      The offices receive money for how many people they keep housed. If the numbers drop, they don’t get as much money.

  • WWJD

    It is with the greatest pleasure that my taxes go to folks who need a hand. It makes me sick to see a trillion dollars go to the war in Iraq, corporate welfare to Trump’s buddies who don’t pay a penny in taxes and defense contractors who peddle death and suffering.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Build the wall and throw these people over it.

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!!

    Always with the hands out.

    Not my idea of a fellow American.


    Shenandoah, Ashland and Mahanoy City and Tamaqua and surrounding beauty’s got some empty, able and willing row homes. Some even say some are filled with cats.

  • get it right

    “People Newswatch 16 spoke to say it goes to show how great the need for housing is in Monroe County.” Now if only those people put that much effort into getting a job…

    • Ron McLaughlin

      There are NO JOBS in Monroe county -unless you think 8$-10$ is a job . Most kids get out of school and then get out of Monroe County . Section 8 ( people in charge of it ) should consider that when assigning these to people .You also need a reliable car-to at least get to a store , Rents around here average $800-$1200 a month .If the true intent is to get weaned off–Monroe is not the place !!

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