First Coffee with a Cop Held By State Troopers in Hazleton Area

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SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP -- Grabbing a cup of coffee with law enforcement might seem like a simple thing to do, but state troopers say it can have a huge impact.

Troopers from Troop N, covering Carbon, Columbia, Luzerne and Monroe Counties, held their first ever Coffee with a Cop on Wednesday morning.

Questions, coffee, and cracking jokes at Tom's Kitchen near Hazleton, three state troopers got to meet some of the people they serve.

"I think it's really cool to just see all of the police officers come in and just kind of tell everyone what's going on in the community," Tom's Kitchen hostess Rachel Rinehimer said.

It's called Coffee with a Cop. Troopers handed out free coffee to sweeten and warm relationships.

"State troopers, especially in Pennsylvania, have always been firm but pleasant," Robert Brubaker of Black Creek Township said.

Troopers were asked about everything from their training to whether they knew they wanted to be in law enforcement as a kid.

"This is our chance to talk and let people talk to us. This isn't a trap to have people come in and arrest them. I mean, it really isn't! This is our chance to give back and we really want the community to come in and interact with us," Trooper and Community Services Officer Anthony Petroski said.

"We're going to try to take it to our counties as well just to really bridge that gap and let the community know who we are, rather than that guy standing on the side of the road giving them a citation or investigating a crash," Trooper First Class and Community Services Officer David Peters said.

"I was kidding with them when I first came in but I said, 'Yeah I feel safer now that I'm here,'" Brubaker said.

The next date for Coffee with a Cop has not been planned just yet, but people at the diner have already said they will be there.


  • Archie Beal

    The state police doesn’t cover nanticoke…nanticoke has their own department therefore primary jurisditon…if nanticoke police department isn’t working then the state covers…but that doesn’t happen

  • Archie Beal

    State police doesn’t cover that mess of a town nanticoke. You may want to direct your questions to nanticoke police department as to why cocoa hut gets robbed

    • jughead

      Archie- The PSP can and do cover any town, township, municipality, borough and city they want. They have jurisdiction within 100% of Pennsylvania. Hence, “Pennsylvania State Police.” I’m hoping your comment was only a stupid troll post. Or maybe you really are that stupid.

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