Faithful Begin Last Day of Novena With 10-Mile Trek to St. Ann’s Basilica

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TAYLOR -- It was a long walk for the faithful on the last day of St. Ann's Novena in Scranton.

It's tradition for many to walk miles and then attend an early morning mass.

Worshipers started in Pittston for the more than 10-mile trek to St. Ann's Basilica.

One woman shared what brings her out every year to walk to the early morning mass, in devotion to Saint Ann.

"It shows our love for Saint Ann, and as Carol said, we are praying for special intentions. For people in our family and our friends, and we believe that if we do this, our prayers will be answered," said Cindy Hogan of Pittston.

Wednesday, July 26, is the feast day of Saint Ann.

Christians believe she is the mother of Mary, and grandmother of Jesus.

The novena draws thousands to Scranton every year.


  • Dorthy

    Grandma conceived an elaborate story to cover up her daughters pregnancy. Jesus never went to Grandma’s to celebrate Christmas or Easter.

  • For real?

    That’s right , only catholics believe that. No where in my Bible does it state that. I read the KJV. There’s alot that Catholics believe that isn’t correct.

  • get it right

    “Christians believe she is the mother of Mary, and grandmother of Jesus.” No, Catholics do, not Christians. So wrong…

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