Brewery Coming to Lake Wallenpaupack

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PALMYRA TOWNSHIP -- There's something brewing in the Lake Wallenpaupack area.

For years, one property along Route 6 had been an eyesore until a new brewery got under construction.

Outside Wallenpaupack Brewing Company near Hawley, the building towers over heavy construction equipment helping to finish the job that started just several months ago.

Owner Becky Ryman took Newswatch 16 inside the brewing operation that has enough capacity to brew 20 barrels at a time. That's slightly more than 500 gallons at once.

"Hopefully someday I'll be putting in 40 barrel fermenters or 60 barrel fermenters if we get some homerun beers. We've planned ahead," she said.

Ryman and her brother Chris bought the property and tore down the former Arby's that stood empty for years along the stretch of Route 6 leading to Lake Wallenpaupack.

"We've been getting a ton of compliments on what we've done with this property, getting rid of that old ugly building. Now everyone drives by and their eyes open up," said Chris Roman.

Contractors are working to finish the kitchen and bar area, but the priority for the Rymans was the brewing operation. Head brewer C.J. Penzone was busy getting familiar with the equipment.

"We built a brewery where we have not only the tools, we have the right people to make it happen. We didn't go small. We went big. And we're hoping to fill the area with our delicious beer," said Penzone.

Eventually, Wallenpaupack Brewing Company hopes to bottle its beer for sale beyond the Lake Region and even beyond Pennsylvania.

Becky Roman visited breweries around the country and plans to incorporate a lot of what she saw at her family's brewery in hopes of making it a destination.

"We want to be something else in the area, so people can venture out and have another reason to come here maybe have an extra day," she said.

Wallenpaupack Brewing Company is expected to open by late August.


  • Travis

    It’s about time someone did something with that property. That old crack house Arby’s building was an eye sore that scared people away. New jobs, a boost for local tourism and a push for the local economy. I’ll see you there. We’re local and we’re thirsty :-)

    • E

      Ha ha right! I call them lake drunks ha ha! That’s the NEPA white trash dream, a cottage on the lake and a boat for fishing and to pilot while completely intoxicated. Yep cheap beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other and a farmers tan. Ha ha! Yes I’ve been to Lake Walkenpaupack before, it’s a sad joke Lol.

  • - Go Rail Riders! -

    We stopped and checked it out the other day on our way back from Honesdale. We peeked in the windows and thought we were busted when one of the workers approached us. He was cool and let us take a look inside. This place is going to be something Special. Can’t wait to come back in a few weeks to enjoy it. If the brew quality is even half as good as the building and equipment, we’re all in for a treat.
    Go Rail Riders!

  • Mike Dunleavy

    My family and I have Spent most of our lives visiting the lake and local attractions, but have not been there in recent years. This new business is just the right magnet to bring us back! Cheers!

  • Why?

    Just what this are needs …NOT! That’s all there is around here are bars. I know it’s a brewery but they just opened one near Honesdale which is maybe 10 miles away. Oh I forgot we have Walmart , home Depot and Kmart too. Woo f’n hoo!!

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