Armed Robbers Hit Convenience Store Second Time This Week

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NANTICOKE -- For the second time in a week, robbers have held up a convenience store in Luzerne County.

Nanticoke police say two men with a gun got away with about $150 from the Cocoa Hut on East Main Street.

It happened around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The clerk was not hurt.

The men ran off after the robbery.

Investigators released security camera images of the robbery.

The same store was robbed Sunday morning.  It was also robbed earlier this year.

Police have not said if the same people are behind both crimes.


  • Angel

    To terrify someone as they provide an honest living for their family by robbing the store with a gun they’re working at is cruel and unnecessary! Everyone has financial woes at one point in their lives, however to steal someone’s peace of mind, and feeling of security to get by is downright terrible. I hope these guys face the maximum punishment and then when they’re in jail, there’s no need to worry about stealing to have money! I hope this minute of terror that will probably last a lifetime for the clerk gets you years behind bars. They should be caged like rabid animals. Humanity is losing it’s moral compass!

  • Lance

    I guess in that neighborhood people don’t notice if someone is dressed in black covering their faces. If i lived there I’d cover up too

  • Sam I Am

    Looks like the Turkey hill on Carey Ave. got to be too hot of a spot to rob, so the boys moved a little further south now to Nantcoke.

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