Worker Killed in Accident at Mining Site in Schuylkill County

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CASS TOWNSHIP — A man is dead after an accident at a mining property in Schuylkill County.

The coroner says the man was killed in an accident Tuesday morning on the Reading Anthracite property in Cass Township, near Minersville.

According to the Republican Herald, Andrew John Oxenrider, 28, of Pitman was operating a bulldozer near a breaker when the machine went over an embankment and rolled over him.


  • Mad Dog

    WNEP needs to do away with Talkback. So tired of seeing insensitive and unintelligent comments on their stories, especially ones that involve a tragedy such as someone losing their lives. This was a man, working hard, making a living who won’t be going home. I work in construction. How dare you people joke about this or make it political. Lowest of the low.

  • Ed

    To the people posting negative comments, I hope YOUR family reads them. You are a disgrace to your family and your still here to feel the shame. God be with Andrews family, a hard working man providing a good honest life for his family. They are proud of Andrew. Unlike your family, ashamed of there own

      • get it right

        Some day you will meet the God you deny. Let me know how funny he thinks you are then. Trump loves this country – that includes trolls like yourself. Unlike the traitorous world-apologizer that squatted in the WH before him.

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