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Farm Owner Killed by Bull

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GRANVILLE TOWNSHIP — A farm owner in Bradford County was killed after a bull pinned him between a steel gate and wooden beam.

The Bradford County coroner tells us Henry Saxton, 54, died Tuesday afternoon on his farm in Granville Summit, south of Troy.

The coroner said the bull hit Saxton from behind.


  • shay

    Morons with childish comments are the sad ones in our society probably forgotten and looking for attention…too bad the attention they get is negative….my condolences to the family of the gentleman who lost his life. Im so deeply sorry.

  • Sally

    A man lost his life. Obviously those of you that made improper comments are not only clueless about loss of life, but have no respect, which leads me to believe that you are obviously ignorant and sadly heartless. Life is precious and this person had a family that loved him and was a hard worker, which you cannot know anything about from your comments.

  • Chris mccarty

    Very insensitive people posting! I pray that you don’t ever suffer a loss and have people make a mockery of it. Prayers of comfort and peace to this family.

  • M. Davis

    My dad was a dairy farmer. They also had a bull so I totally understand how dangerous this is. The comments here are insensitive and clearly from uneducated people who don’t have a clue. My heart goes out to the family. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. GOD BLESS

    • Nate

      Poor guy I work on a dairy farm but luckily we have no bulls. Only cows that sometimes think they are bulls. Everyone thinks farm work is easy and dealing with cows and bulls are too but those people are sadly mistaking.

  • Sorry for your lost and for insensitive people

    My sister is friends with his daughter so can all the people with heartless insensitive jokes please take your comments elsewhere have respect for the family that lost a love one it’s not a joke it’s a tragedy I pray that the family heals and knows they have people who care how they feel and I hope he rip up in heaven

  • john williams

    Archie, i guess you will call to ban cows now??????? I’m sure they have no place in our civilized society.

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