Driver Flown to Hospital after Collision with Train

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NESQUEHONING -- One man was flown to a hospital after a collision between an SUV and a train in Carbon County.

A JeepĀ collided with the eastbound train at a crossing on Route 54 in Nesquehoning around 11 a.m. Tuesday, according to police.

The man driving the Jeep was flown to a hospital. His injuries were not disclosed by investigators.

There is no word on what the train was hauling or what led to the crash.


  • Muff

    Legend has it that when walking down to the old train station in Frackville at night you can hear the whistles blow. If you feel anything thing one of the roamers got to you and it might be too late.

  • See, told ya!

    This is what happens when you get rid of the train horns in Williamsport!
    …wait, what do you mean this was else where?

  • captain obvious

    “There is no word on what the train was hauling or what led to the crash.” Freight. Jeep versus train, train wins.

    • El Ma

      Godalmighty. *******DERP******* What difference does it make what the train was hauling?! What led to the crash? Omigawd. Trains take about 1 mile to stop. So……….herp-a-derppity-derp

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