Cleanup Begins in Wyoming County After Severe Storms

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NICHOLSON TOWNSHIP -- Residents in Nicholson Township in Wyoming County are cleaning up their properties after severe storms hit.

A tree fell on top of Steven Gnall's rental property on Sheridan Lane near Lake Sheridan. It destroyed part of the home and his tenant's car.

"It's one of those things you look at and say is it going to come down or when. That's probably a more appropriate question. Glad no one got hurt. This is just more of a hassle now to get it all fixed."

Wyoming County's Emergency Services Director, Gene Dziak, said 3,000 people lost power during the storm. He said there's no idea of when they'll get it back. Emergency services said strong winds damaged a total of four homes in the area. Route 107 was also closed because of downed trees and power lines. With all of the damage reported, emergency services is thankful there was no flooding or injuries reported during the storm.

"Overall, the storm was significant, but it could have been worse," Dziak said.

Stephen Sickler's home near Lake Sheridan was also damaged.  A tree knocked down of one of his chimneys. He wasn't home at the time, but his wife and their young children were.  He, too, is thankful the storm wasn't worse.

"To me, that was the most important thing," Sickler said. "I realized everything was down, but as long as my family was safe, the house can go, anything else doesn't really matter, but my family was safe and I was glad."

There was also damage on Tamarack Road in Nicholson Township. Kathy Loch has lived in her home on Tamarack Road for nearly 50 years. She said this is the worst storm she has seen come through the area.

"It's taken down 100 plus trees and we couldn't get out or in," Loch said. "It took down the electricity, everything. It's a mess."

She and her neighbors spent the day cleaning up debris on their properties.

"Oh. It was scary," Dotty Ashmore of Nicholson Township said. "It came through really fast and just pouring rain and then all of a sudden I'm hearing cracks all over the place."

Dozens of trees along the road fell down during the storm. None of them hit houses, but they blocked the road. Nicholson Township crews had to clear the road so that neighbors could go through. Crews will continue working to clear damage and restore power to the Nicholson area.

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