Allentown Mayor Facing Charges

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ALLENTOWN -- The mayor of Allentown is facing federal charges in a pay-to-play scheme.

A federal indictment against Mayor Ed Pawlowski was filed Tuesday but sealed.

It is expected to be made public on Wednesday.

So far, nine people have pleaded guilty in the FBI investigation into this case including Pawlowski's campaign manager and several other high-ranking city officials.

Pawlowski, who was first elected in 2005, is running for a fourth term as Allentown's mayor.



    Allentown following NE and Central PA’s corruption lead. This has to be the most corrupt place on earth. But as long as Penn State wins a few games nothing else matters.

  • Lockhimup

    Pay to play sounds like I herd this before he must of read HC’s book just another Democrat bleeding the working class people and feathering his own nest LOCK HIM UP!!!!!

  • RicU.

    This sounds like the FBI is indicting the Allentown Dirty Dozen. I will reach out to my sources in the area for more information. For now, Allentown loves its mayor as he has brought more jobs and activities, including the new FBI office, to the city than the previous those in the 35 years. I lived and owned in Allentown for 32 years.

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