Check River, Stream Levels Near You

Roads, Bridges Damaged by Flood Waters

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LOWER MAHANOY TOWNSHIP -- In Northumberland County, it rained so hard so quickly Sunday that bridges buckled during the storm.

It cleared up just long enough for people to get out and assess the damage before more rain fell Monday afternoon.

Less than 24 hours ago, a portion of Route 147 just outside of Lower Mahanoy Township was under water.

"We got to Herndon and it was OK, and as soon as we got to Dalmatia, it looked like a hurricane came through. Everything was flooded real bad," said Mason Hoover.

Hoover came across more than one "road closed" sign on his way home.

Over the weekend, it rained so hard so fast that PennDOT believes clogged pipes caused several bridges in central Pennsylvania to give way.

"Some people were saying in like an hour it put down like five, six inches of rain. I have never seen in that bad," Hoover said.

"I have lived here all my life. I have never seen that much water go down my driveway," added Noma Hoover.

Noma Hoover and a few of her neighbors had to pump water out of their basements that came in during the storm.

"I mean it just went like a river. Well, I guess you can see it by what it done down here at the end of the road," Hoover said.

"We've been flooded out before -- the Mahantago Creek gets flooded out -- but never that it's taken out, I mean this took out the road completely," Jared Shade said.

A piece of Mahantango Creek Road washed away with the storm.

"It was torrential downpours," said Shade. "It just did not stop. It was coming down hard. There were puddles in my yard where there's never been puddles. It just rained really hard for a long time."

"They redid and put all new pipes in. Even at my house, they put brand new pipes in two or three years ago and now it's all wiped away."

PennDOT hopes to have the bridge reopened within a week. However, crews are still assessing damage at several other locations in central Pennsylvania.


  • Mary

    You think its funny to wish a disaster to destroy good people’s homes in the boroughs of Schuylkill county ? Just shows your mentality….sad !

    • Huggy

      Whoa whoa Mary, it’s not nice to wish disaster but let’s not get carried away with saying there’s any good people in Schuylkill county. Ignorant, lacking self awareness, delusional, slow, laughable, dirty, pervert…all more accurately describe the schuylks


    These tornadoes and severe storms might help places like Shendo, mahanoy, giardville and Ashland from a cosmetic standpoint.

  • les

    Ahhh, the good ‘ole Pennsyltucky tar and gravel roadway. Makes for a real durable roadway. Lol! But hey, the state police cars are changing color! Whooppee!

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