Parts of Susquehanna County Damaged by Flooding

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CHOCONUT TOWNSHIP -- Many people in Choconut Township near Friendsville spent much of the day cleaning up their properties.

"Well, I got a lot of rocks to move," Thad Nosar of Choconut Township said. "Mud in the garage. Nothing got in the house which is good though."

Storms caused Choconut Creek to rise by Carmalt Road. Thad Nosar lives nearby. His garage flooded.

"This was actually a river," Nosar said. "The rest of the river was running down that way all the way through here, through my garage.

A lot of the homeowners on Carmalt Road had their basements flooded and lost their belongings.

"(My daughter) is a photographer," Caroline Dolaway of Choconut Township said. "So she lost a lot of photography equipment. All of her backdrops and stuff like that."

There were a number of road closures in Rush Township. Part of Route 267 was closed because of high water. Francis Flynn owns a store near where the road was closed.

"This morning when I got up, I could see the road was blocked off," Flynn said. "There were firemen there blocking the road off because it had come across the road between my house and the store."

John Stellabott has lived along 267 since 1995. He said it is normal for the Wyalusing Creek to overflow after a heavy rainfall.

"They put a new bridge there, but the road still gets washed out prior to the bridge," Stellabot said. "Seems like it can't handle it."

People who live on Carmalt Road say this isn't the first time the street has flooded.

"This is like their third time that's happened here," Dolaway said. "The last time was really bad. They lost a lot of furniture and their washer and dryer. This time, thankfully this was just their photography equipment, but it is still a lot of money."

They are hoping something will be done to prevent major flooding from happening again.