New Name for Penn State Campus in Lackawanna County

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DUNMORE -- The name of Penn State University's campus in Lackawanna County is changing.

The board of trustees decided the Penn State Worthington Scranton campus will now just be Penn State Scranton.

The school is named after Worthington Scranton, who was a prominent industrialist and civic leader and father of former Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton.

Officials said the Scranton family was consulted and approved this name change.

We spoke with some students who have mixed feelings about the news.

"I like it. It makes it a lot shorter and look more official," said incoming freshman Thomas Miller.

"It's kind of upsetting," said Eddie Jarnicki of Old Forge. "You'll have to change all the names on stuff around here. If it's not broke, don't fix it."

"I think it's a good opportunity for others to know about it," said Penn State junior Margi Shah.

The name change takes effect May 1, 2018.

Click here for more on the history of the campus.


  • Huggy

    Does the Creamery still have peachy paterno ice cream? Or was that taken down with the statue? And where is that statue? Did that get buried in those cement steps of Granny’s in Frackville?

  • ***

    Why is everyone still making jokes about children being sexually abused? Its not funny, its disgusting considering how much penn state puts into helping children with cancer. Its also disgusting that people think its funny to “name” a campus. Sandusky is NOT pennstate.

    • coach0

      Its not funny what sandusky did! But people forget what the administrators did to cover it up for 25 years!!! Didnt seem like they really cared much about children then. just saying.

  • El Ma

    Changing the name. And, that’s going to do what? Cost the taxpayers another bunch of millions to switch letterhead, stamps, websites, catalogs, coffee mugs, etc……….How about Penn’s Board of Trustees puts some effort into properly vetting out all professors, coaches, and staff, and use that money to reduce tuition?

    Change the name? LMAO!

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