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Neighbors Stunned by Storm Damage in Bradford County

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WINDHAM TOWNSHIP -- Flash flooding destroyed several homes in northeastern Bradford County as rain continued to fall Monday.

The people we spoke with say the storm came and went fast but left behind a lot of damage.

Kevin Seymour was sleeping inside his mobile home near Rome when he heard heavy rain outside.

"The whole house shook. I woke up and went to the kitchen window and probably a four-foot wave of water came in and wrecked the whole house," he said.

Seymour was stranded and had to be rescued by a piece of heavy machinery. It was a similar story for many people in northeastern Bradford County -- more than five inches of rain turned tiny streams into raging rivers.

"Our bridge to our house got all washed out and water came around our house and knocked the skirting off," said Emily Edsell.

People in the Rome area reported damaged homes and flattened cornfields.

Just when everyone thought it was over, it started raining again -- hard.

Travel was difficult in parts of Bradford County because a number of roads and highways were closed down.

Roads were torn up and some washed away.

Emily Edsell needed to be rescued.

"We had to go up around on ATV above the power lines and everything," she recalled.

"Garage is gone. Foundations are gone. Six inches of water in my garage. We had close to five, six feet of water down here last night," said Gale Bowen.

Bowen is a Windham Township supervisor. Even though his property sustained a lot of damage, he's been helping others. He helped rescue Kevin Seymour.

"If Gale wasn't here, another five minutes and I would have never made it out of here," Seymour said.

Parts of Route 187 are still closed as crews fix the roadways and the rain continues to fall. Township supervisors say there is a shelter set up at the Windham Township Community Hall for anyone who needs a place to sleep.


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