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‘Little Go Joe’ Rides Through Nursing Home Halls for 12th Year

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ELMHURST -- It's Go Joe Week across northeastern and central Pennsylvania, but there are some loyal WNEP and Joe Snedeker followers who won't get to drop in on one of Joe's stops along the route.

"This is how we can be a little part of the ride with Joe Snedeker and also to help St. Joe's which is so important," said "Little Joe" Tommy Possinger. Possinger is the activity aide at St. Mary's Villa Assisted Living Facility in Elmhurst.

As a way for residents at St. Mary's to feel like they are along for the ride this week, Possinger rides through the halls collecting money, and just like Go Joe 20, all money will go to St. Joseph's Center.

"I just love to hear about them and the good deeds they do," said Dolores Dubas of Jessup.

The residents call Possinger "Little Joe" and they call the ride "Little Go Joe." In years past, it has been a tricycle, but as he gets older, Possinger says the bike has to get a little bit bigger.

"I ride by collecting dollars or twenties or $25, whatever we can get, and then we deliver it to St. Joe's for the telethon," Possinger said.

Residents at St. Mary's Villa have been watching Joe for as long as they can remember. They can't believe this year will be the 20th bike ride.

"He's not getting any younger and he's still doing it!" Anne Goetze of Pocono Lake said.

This is the 12th year St. Mary's Villa has been doing Little Go Joe, and employees say if Joe keeps going, so will they.

"We've raised over $10,000 in the years collecting for St. Joe's," Possinger said.

Residents at St. Mary's say Joe is part of the family, even if they have never met him in person.

"I feel as if I have because he makes himself so comfortable on TV," Dubas said.

We promised the residents "Big Joe" will come by the assisted living facility one day when he gets back from his trip.