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Heavy Rain in Bradford County Leads to Heavy Flooding

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ROME -- Parts of Bradford County were under water Monday after heavy rains came down throughout most of the day.

PennDOT says many roads in the Rome area had to be closed due to flooding, downed trees, or utilities.

Ed and Pearl Marshall surveyed the damage flood waters did to the Seven Hills Mobile Home Park in Rome.

“We woke up at 3 o'clock and there was water here,” said Pearl. “Thank God it got just up to the door.”

Pearl says they woke up in the of the night to find water right up to their back porch. Fire crews had to come carry the couple out.

“I had to be carried out,” said Pearl. “They put me on the hood of that car over there and they walked me the rest of the way, and then they came back and got him because he's been sick.”

“Rome Fire Department came and got them out of their house,” said Pearl’s son, Terry Cobb, who was called to come get them.

“I got a call about 3 o'clock and said they should move out and by that time the water had gotten up to the edge of the porch,” said Cobb. “And you can see the car in the back. It picked the car up and kind of slid it around. By that time the water was a couple feet deep here.”

“Our car, I think's ruined,” said Pearl.

“Yeah, this is worse than 2011,” said Ed.

Parks Creek looked swollen and angry along Route 187 in Rome Township.

A few miles away, PennDOT said part of that road was shut down, as well as a nearby bridge, due to flooding in Windam Township.

A field of corn was pummeled flat in Wysox Township.

“When we woke up today, that 10 minutes of rain really, it really,” said McKenna Hurley.

“It took a toll. It was bad,” said Jordan Shumway.

Hurley and Shumway were acting as Good Samaritans and spent their day trying to clear muddy water from the parking lot at the North Orwell Union Church in Orwell Township.

“It was very thick with mud. It was like five or six inches of mud. We've been shoveling for a while,” said Shumway.