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Flooding Woes in Danville Area

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DANVILLE -- In Montour County, the Danville area was hit hard by Monday's storms.

After hours of rain, waters were raging in Mauses Creek outside Danville, running high and muddy.

"It rained! It poured! Quarter after 3 it started, and it just let up!" said Helen Moll of Valley Township.

Route 11 outside of Danville was closed for a time after a mudslide left debris on the roadway.

An entrance to Geisinger near Danville was closed off because of flooding. Folks waded through to get where they needed to go.

"It just came down crazy. It was intense. I've never seen this intersection like this in 20 years that I've lived here,” said Lonnie Cope of Danville.

A nearby stream known as Sechler Run, normally very shallow, was rushing past properties in Mahoning Township. Chunks of land were falling into the rushing water, leaving one shed tipping dangerously.

Kyle Roberts was rushing to shore up his vehicle using rocks.

"We got back and our bridge was already gone, and my dad was yelling to me that I needed to come back around here and throw rocks behind the Jeep to make sure it didn't fall," said Roberts. "Never saw anything like this. That tree was probably in there. That tree is ripped out of the ground.”

There will be a lot of cleanup for the people affected.

Neighbors said they will be keeping a close eye on nearby streams and waterways to make sure the water keeps receding.