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Flash Flooding in Northeastern Bradford County

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WINDHAM TOWNSHIP -- People woke up to torrential rain and severe flooding in many parts of our area, especially Bradford County.

The rain in Bradford County was measured in inches -- more than five inches in some places. It turned quiet little streams into raging rivers. The streams came out of their banks. The force of the water damaged everything it touched.

Dave Middaugh was in bed at his home in the Rome area. He was alerted to the danger when he heard floating cars in his driveway slamming into each other.

"I woke the wife up," Middaugh recalled. "I said, 'don't panic, there's water in the house.'"

This is not the first time Middaugh has been through this. He was just wrapping up repairs from flooding that happened in September of 2011.

Middaugh and his family were taken to safety by boat. The same thing happened to his next door neighbors along Route 187 in Rome.

"It was terrifying," said Onalee Raymond. "When you have five kids in the house and its 2 o'clock in the morning and it's dark and all you see is water, it's terrifying."

Raymond is thankful she and her family got out safely, but she knows they have a huge cleanup project ahead.

All that rain water came rushing off a mountain in Windham Township. It took out a tree and power lines along Route 187. It nearly took Ronald Corter's home.

"I was worried the water was going to come and wash away the trailer. I have three children. I thought it was going to move the trailer and I was wondering how we were going to get out of here," said Corter.

Corter and his family stayed put. Their home is OK. The pavement, the tree and the rest across the street, are not.

Several feet of water came barreling through the intersection of Cotton Hollow Road and Route 187 pouring into one side of a home and out the other.

Steve Seymour and his son were inside.

"It was different," Seymour said. "We had a river all the way around us and things started cracking. We went upstairs and the bottom end broke loose."

Stranded on the second floor of their collapsing home, Steve and his son were rescued by a piece of heavy machinery.

Mark Thetka watched the scene from his home across the street.

"We went to bed and the lights went out and we came downstairs, and it was just crazy," Thetka said.

Flood victims agree the water came up fast, and it went down nearly as quickly.

The damage it left behind will be felt for months maybe years to come.

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    I hope everyone who complains that there’s a drought when it doesn’t rain for three days is satisfied now. Nope, we will certainly hear “we’re in a drought!” and “water tables are low!” this winter when it (hopefully!) doesn’t snow more than 2″ at a time. Give me a drought any day. You never hear of people being swept away to their death in a drought. You never hear of people losing their house to a drought. You never hear of homeowners seeking safety on their rooftops during a drought.

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