Dollar Tree Burglar Arrested

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- A burglar caught on camera inside a Dollar Tree in Carbon County has been caught.

Police arrested Walter Trainor of Kresgeville on Friday.

Officers say Trainor broke into the store near Lehighton last month and pried open the safe with power tools.

He's locked up in the Carbon County prison.


  • Harvey

    Strange Pa epidemic dollar store robberies. Is there any correlation between these crime and the Pedophile And drug epidemic. There seems to be a swift increase in all three recently in these ugly pa mountain laurels and coal bank filled mountains.

    • Rusty

      Harvey, the problem is that the people are so used to molestation they think its normal. If you’re not a sex molester, you’re in the minority. They diddle in those parts like the sun comes up.

  • L.A. Tarone

    Schuylkill County doesn’t look any better from Heaven. This is coming from one straight shooter.

  • Stevie

    Probably had to steal after spending all of his money at the block party in Frackville. I heard someone saying they had some real high priced guy-guy action in the firehouse. What does that mean?

  • The "real " are you for real

    Its the only business that seems to have any business. Sad when theives are reduced to stealing from a dollar store.

  • Jake Smule

    Our society is doomed when burglaries are committed at Dollar Stores. There is nothing but junk from China in these stores.

    • Fredric

      Mr. Jake,

      You might just be hitting in a major economic indicator. The Fed and Bloomberg and larger financial analysts are worried about the amount of consumer credit card and other debt and sales increases in such as Dollar Stores.

  • RicU.

    Good report. This time we can post his face and name prior to trial. This one has already had his trial.

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