Burglary at American Legion

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MOOSIC -- Police are investigating a burglary at an American Legion in Lackawanna County.

It happened sometime between midnight and 7:30 a.m. Saturday at the American Legion Post 604 on Spring Street in Moosic.

Officers tell Newswatch 16 someone got in through the back of the building, cut the motion sensor light, and took entertainment games and cash totaling about $1,000.

No one was at the legion at the time of the burglary.


  • Elizabeth

    Can the Moosic police please do something?! This is what the 3rd time this has happened now and no leads?! C’mon already!!

  • Are you kidding!?!

    Pretty sad you are attacking Veterans Organizations without actually having served. You have no idea what they contribute to the community. Like I said, ya gotta serve to be a member….sounds like a lot of jealousy or internal strife for failing to answer your country’s call. Carry on, You are dismissed.

    • yeah i said that!

      Are you kidding-Your absolutely wrong on everything. I’m a member and I was never a member. It’s called S.O.L.. It stands for “Sons of the Legion.” It’s a crock. Just a way for the Legion to get dues money. It’s a scam. My father, and I use that term loosley was a Vietnam veteran. He had me sign on to this scam. Worse establishment I’ve ever been in. It’s just a bunch of drunks cheating on their wives while peeling away tickets. I’ll be letting my SOL membetship run out because I didn’t realize what a distinctional organization these guys were. Shame on our government for allowing such a corrupt organization represent our veterans!

  • Pocono Widow trapped in Greenridge

    It’s time for the state to shut down all the American Legions and VFWs. Nothing in those places but True Blue Alcoholics and Biker Wannabes. I’ve had enough of those booze hounds knocking over mail boxes and side swiping cars on their drunkin way home. News Alert Ladies, most of these guys also cheat on their wives with other men.

    • backwoods bachelor

      I agree! First of all don’t return to the Poconos. (You’ll become a widow all over again, it’s not worth it.) Secondly, get the hell out of the Greenridge section! Good Lord, that’ll make you a widow 10x over. Come live with me! I’m an at home drunk. I’ll only smack you if I have to repeat myself.

  • i found some friends in pa.

    I really need to get a job so I’m not on here posting 24/7! But the benefits you Pennsylvanians give me for being unemployed far out-weight the benefits I would receive for being gainfully employed. Keep paying those high taxes, tolls, etc, etc, etc, etc, it makes my life top-notch!

  • The "real " are you for real

    What kind of sick bastard finds it necessary to steal from a bunch of veterans? Find him and give him a 21 gun salute up his ass!

  • Bushpig

    The Frackville legion has some really fancy faces in that place. The only thing getting stolen there is the days of their lives.

  • coal crackers

    The Frackville Legion never has this problem. They give the street roamers pulltabs and Genny drafts to watch over the place after hours. A perfect example of a closeknit community.

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