Son Charged in Father’s Murder in Schuylkill County

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FRACKVILLE -- Tyler Swantek was emotionless walking out of his arraignment in Frackville.

He's accused of killing his father Todd Swantek by shooting him in the head several times with a rifle.

"It's bad to think that your own people are going to kill you, you know. You never think that and yet it happens," said Wally Borzok of Frackville.

Frackville police found his father's body on a couch in the family's home on North Third Street at the end of May.

Investigators say the body was badly decomposed and covered by several blankets and pillows.

Court documents show the victim had been dead for weeks and that the suspect used air fresheners and candles to try to mask the smell of the body.

Neighbors were surprised to hear about the arrest.

"It's a shock, but the police did what they had to do. It took some time to get it all out together. They did their job," said Bernard McCauley.


  • White Trash

    Deport him back to Mexico? Guess not. NYC? Nope — just one more good ol’ local. Of course somehow the racist folks here will still find a way of blaming this on illegal aliens etc. Sad.

    • here i am again!

      The reason he killed his father was due to drugs. Drugs that came from NYC. Drugs that came from NYC that were trafficked in by Mexican illegal aliens. See how I put that altogether for you? Your welcome!

      • White Trash

        Try using logic and facts. Using your argument we can go with: he was hooked on opioids; opiods are produced by fat (rich) white-owned pharmaceutical companies and sold by fat white pharmacists etc etc. Secondly your false logic implies that (if he’s guilty), he bears no responsibility. It was the bad illegal aliens and New Yorkers that forced him to follow the path he choose. Look at the news items here or any area news outlet: 95% (and especially the most heinous and sickening crimes) are by white, kielbasa-munching white folks.

  • only in the Frackville vo-tech woods

    I just don’t understand why the street roamers throw their soiled BVDs on the powerlines to mark their teterritory. I do enjoy how they can make a good match of apparel when they put together the thigh high socks while sporting those 1988 Frackville FD. half-shirts. Of course while wearing their two-toned brown velcro sneakers.

  • Bushpig

    What a sick looney toon. That’s all that’s left there. Such a sad state of affairs for the Frackle Frackles. Some of the greatest people ever but only in their own minds! Just a laugh or a sad cry in reality.

  • NSFAN1989

    As long as we have high school football, a view of the cogen plant from my porch, cheap premium courts, and fire whistle action. I could care less what happens here in my hometown of Frackville, Mall or no mall!

  • Huggy

    That new Frackville police chief might probed the street roamers for info. Those roamers probably give a hot tip pretty discreetly since they’re always on the move.

  • Bart

    Sad story just so sad.

    I wonder if that Benard they interviewed is related to the McCauley that is Frackville’s Director of Parts ? He makes sure the brooms are pushing so the kids have nice clean bball courts. Handsome job from a handsome guy.

    • TJBART

      Very true. I heard the Gay store is reopening to take used winter jacket donations to help clothe the disadvantaged youth born into this mess of an area.

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