Prostitution Sting Operation in Monroe County

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STROUDSBURG -- "Do you want to come and see me? I am available now. It's 60-dollars for a short stay or 180 for a full hour," said Detective Kim Lippincott, Monroe County.

What you are seeing is an actual undercover online prostitution sting.

The Monroe County Detectives Office carried out the sting as part of its efforts to fight human trafficking and prostitution in the county.

"So the purpose is to actually intercept the buying of sex before it actually occurs. So when these guys are calling we want to let them know we are monitoring backpage, we are police officers and if you were to show up, you would have been arrested," said Det. Lippincott.

Detectives post these online decoy ads and respond to real online ads on a website called

Using prepaid cellphones, detectives are able to target men and women attempting to buy sex online.

Once they answer, the phone is transferred.

"I can give you the address, but I have someone I want you to talk to. Don't hang up okay," said Det. Lippincott.

"Good afternoon sir, my name is Brian Webbe and I am detective with the Monroe County District Attorney's office," said Det. Brian Webbe, Monroe County.

Detective Webbe then explains to the callers what is going on, giving them fair warning not to do it again.

"Are you aware that prostitution and soliciting prostitution is illegal," said Det. Webbe.

Detectives then look up callers' social media pages and confront them with details about things such as their families and jobs.

"It definitely has a impact particularly if these are first time buyers so to speak. I think that we sort of scare them away from it and it does have a deterring impact," said Det. Webbe.

"We are actively seeking out prostitution, people who are promoting and soliciting prostitutes in Monroe County and we want it to be known and out there that we aren't going to tolerate it," said Det. Lippincott.

Even though these callers were just given warnings, Monroe County Detectives tell Newswatch 16, these stings do help decrease prostitution in the county.


  • magicmikexxsm

    Again with the Prostitution Sting , waste of time. if women want to sell their bodies to make money and pleasure men so be it…the problem is the gov’t i.e. state, fed, local, would not make any money. so license it like everything else…..and collect your darn money…

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      That’s absolutely right.

      LGBTQ can run amok everywhere, but a guy can’t offer a girl a couple hundred bucks for an evening?


      Hypocritical BS actually.

      There should be a “support the john’s” flag and marches and rally’s.

      Also, there are responsible people out there that don’t do it simply because it’s illegal who WOULD if it was legalized! I guarantee that. Men and women alike. The headlines have child porn and trafficking and all that crap lumped into the same group and it simply not true.

  • Feed Me More

    sounds like entrapment, POS cops. should be illegal for other people to interfere with who you want to have sex with, consenting adults can have sex with whoever they want, and if they want to pay for it so be it, only thing they are mad about is it isnt being taxed so they arent getting more money to blow on more stupid state projects. leave people alone and F off, life is to short to worry about what other people are doing in their bedrooms

    • Are you for real?!

      Sex between 2 consentual adults is fine but buying and selling is wrong. Do you not realize how many people get sucked into human trafficking and are never seen or heard from again? That’s what they are trying to prevent. How would you feel if you or a family member got sucked in and were never seen or heard from again? You’d probably change your mind about it then.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        People aren’t talking about women being held against There Will and being ran by pimps. People are talking about a girl who is trying to support her self and a guy that’s willing to help her.

      • magicmikexxsm

        legalizing it would prevent that…right now that goes on because it’s illegal, legalize it tax it, people will open up businesses, and so on…if women can have abortions they sure should be able to sell their own body..

      • The "real " are you for real

        Hey who are you to steal my handle? I personally don’t care what two consenting “adults” do. But certainly the police have better things to do for their time

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