New Father, Sheriff’s Deputy Dies Suddenly in Clinton County

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LOCK HAVEN -- The Clinton County Sheriff's Department is mourning the loss of one of its own. A sheriff's deputy died suddenly last night in Lock Haven. The sheriff’s office tells Newswatch, Stephen Herrold was a new father and just 30 years old.

Each deputy sheriff wore a black band around their badge in honor of 30-year-old Stephen Herrold who died suddenly. Herrold had been a sheriff's deputy for about a year and a half.

"Last night Clinton County Sheriff's office lost Stephen Herrold to a medical emergency of some sort which we don't even know the cause of yet," said Stover.

Sheriff Kerry Stover believes Herrold was healthy and happy. He welcomed his first child, Brock Joseph, just 10 days before his death.

“Stephen was going to be an amazing father. He was just talking about when this child was going to come. He can't wait. He can't wait. He can't wait. For him to only enjoy that for 10 days is unbelievable to me," said Stover.

"He will be very much missed in the office as a deputy but very much missed as a friend to everybody here too," said Stover.

An autopsy is planned to try to determine Deputy Herrold's cause of death. Sheriff Stover expects the office will close completely for the funeral service in a few days.


  • Jose Lopez

    We need to understand that law enforcement is needed. Without law enforcement it will be like the wild west.
    Think about it for a second living with no sense of security. Not all police officers are good but most of them do their job. People that hate law enforcement would be crying without them. I hope Gob bless that child to be as much of a great man as his father was.

  • We love Deputy Herrold

    This is someone’s family. Stop posting hate comments. His newborn son doesn’t need to see those when he gets older. He was a great man. We love you Stephen. Funny thing is he’s probably laughing at you hating idiots. I could see him now with that shitty grin. I’m proud to have seen your journey as a deputy. We will miss you. We won’t forget you. Brock will know that his daddy was the best.

  • Nancy Mann

    I’ve seen some bad comments on here and it’s ridiculous. Let’s grief for a little while and not be so ignorant.

  • Get a Life

    You people make me sick. Both those who are serious and the trolls (who are blatantly terrible)
    RIP Deputy Herrold. #thinblueline

  • Archie Beal

    You people that despise law enforcement make me sick. It s obvious you people wouldn’t stand a chance to join their ranks nor would they want you. You people would not be worthy to shine their boots or wash their cars. These men and women deserve a lot more respect than what they are shown. There is no doubt when turmoil or distress enters your meaningless and insignificant world, they are the first you call and rely on to save your pathetic ass. What hypocrites

  • Doug

    Bob, you sound like quite the outstanding citizen and human being I wish all americans would be like. The country would be such a better place if more people shared your rational good Christian thoughts. I bet your parents and entire family are so proud of you and would be so heartbroken if you suddenly passed away like this poor hardworking selfless person did. I just hope you can continue to have a positive effect on society and be a great role model for others. Reading your comments doesn’t make me see what a big useless piece of shit you really are.

  • John

    Apparently you have spent time behind bars because you comment displays dislike for LE. Crawl back under your rock.

    • John

      I’m sure your background is spotless! Do us all a favor and move out of the country and be sure to take bob with you. You two would make a lovely couple. I hope there aren’t any LE officers around when you or your family need one.

    • Bob

      I don’t like Pennsylvanians, period.

      You are all scumbags, child molesters, lying, cheating and stealing low down drug bag alcoholic lazy bums

    • Bob

      Or maybe suicide hearing a white trash mouth of a white woman that will never be satisfied will bring any man to suicide. She doesn’t care she got what she wanted from him a baby and insurance money from his death for life

    • John

      Bob, where in the article does it say he stole drugs? You must be privy to a lot more information than the rest of us.

    • Bob

      You’re more than likely a freak show, on disability, listening to your police scanner in your section 8 apartment looking at children on your computer all day long and you think you are friends with all the cops in your town

    • John

      Wow Bob, turn away from the mirror before you type. Also, answer the question…where in the article does it say this man stole drugs from evidence?

    • John

      Let me guess Bob, you wanted to become a police officer or sheriff and couldn’t pass the psych test. Get over it.

    • Mary

      The ignorance is overwhelming evidenced by those jumping to conclusions about this man. How about we let the family grieve instead of making horrendous assumptions. Nowhere does it mention drug use in this article. There could be many reasons a 30 year old passes suddenly. It could have been a medical issue, it happens.

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