‘Move Over’ – Harsher Fines for State Law

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- If you find yourself driving on the highway and spot an emergency vehicle on the shoulder, state law says you must move over to the next lane.

It's part of the states "Move Over" or "Steer Clear" Law.

"The steer clear law has been around for years but a lot of people just aren't familiar with it. They don't understand that people who are on the side of the road, whether it's a police officer, a tow truck operator, PennDOT workers, they have to have room to safely do their job," said Sgt. Joseph Racho, State Police.

Drivers who didn't obey the "Move Over" Law used to face a fine up to $250.

Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill earlier this month that raises those fines for repeat offenders.

The new fines are as follows drivers could face up to $250 for their first offense, $500 for their second offense, and on a third offense, drivers could face up to a $1000 fine.

Sergeant Joseph Racho works for the Pennsylvania State Police.

He says being parked on the shoulder is very dangerous.

"This is extremely important. The speeds that they are driving at 65 or 70 mile an hour zones, there are people working out there and you just don't realize how fast the people are driving right by you and with only a couple feet to work. It's extremely dangerous," said Sgt. Racho.

Sergeant Racho says the law requires drivers to slow down and move into a lane away from where an emergency vehicle is parked.

For example, if the emergency vehicle is on the right shoulder of an interstate, you should move over to the left lane.

But if you can't, here is what you should do.

"Right away slow down and figure out if it is safe to move into the other lane or give the troopers or emergency crews enough room as possible while trying to move out of that lane," said Sgt. Racho.

For incidents that involve injury or death, drivers could face a 90 day license suspension.

Sergeant Racho says here in Monroe County, troopers will be on patrol looking for drivers who are not moving over.


  • Jack Shelley

    Yes, good point. How about tailgating? The lead cause of traffic accidents in the first place. Tailgating fines need to be increased/enforced. I saw law enforcement tailgating! Everyone turned into Dale Earnhardt. See where that got him….

  • Ken Coville

    I have been a first responder with a fire company for 30 years. The absolute stupidity that some people exhibit when coming upon an accident scene just amazes me. Laws like this exist because people lack the common sense and courtesy to drive responsibly. We aren’t out there to impede your progress or your ability to reach your destination. We ARE out there to render aid to someone who for what ever reason, ended up in a collision. Put yourself in that persons place before you try and drive through us and swear at us for doing a job the fire and ambulance people aren’t even being paid to do.

  • Archie Beal

    For all you fools that are bitchin about this state law that has been in effect for years…dont move over or slow down and see what happens

  • Robert

    The fact that such a law is necessary, demonstrates just how stupid some people are. The coffee needs a warning label and stay in your seat after you turn on cruise control. Don’t put spoons in the back of the dryer. Also if you can’t move over due to oncoming traffic then just come to a halt because your lane is blocked, or slow down and give as much room as possible without endangering oncoming traffic who should do the same.
    Were doomed!

  • Are you for real?

    What if th ere are cars over there? Cause an accident because you must get over? Total bs

    • Typical liberal dope

      in the time it took for you to call the law BS, I found the answer I just a few clicks: “If you cannot move over because of traffic or other conditions, you must reduce your speed.” See, there is more to the internet than pornography.

      • The "real " are you for real

        Most people do reduce their speed dope. The law wants you to move over. Im just saying that there are times when you can’t.

  • Charlie

    Only 90 day license suspension for injury or death on this law is way too lenient. Should be minimum of one year injury and 5 years or more for death depending on each individual case.

  • WarningFakeNews

    For some cops, it’s all about exerting control over other people. Not all of them, of course, and law enforcement is a necessary thing- but when government pretends to be doing things for the good of society when it is actually seeking more revenue meets cops who would rather write tickets than fight crime, the potential for abuse exists.

    So now there’s talk of targeting people for not complying with this law. Keep in mind, it’s not well publicized and not the law in every state- the potential for getting unsuspecting, well meaning people to cough up big bucks is there.

    • Kraven Morehead

      You are just being obtuse. Moving over is common sense. Not moving over is hardly “unsuspecting” or “well meaning.” It is simply ignorant of the safety of any type of responder.

      • WarningFakeNews

        Sure, it’s common sense, in light traffic. In the real world, you often have massive trucks and aggressive drivers in the left lane, Many times, you only have a few seconds in which to make the move, if you can. Slowing down well below the speed limit might mean someone behind you panics and steers to the shoulder.

        Cops deciding to “target” the behavior of not moving over create an unnecessary hazard in the process, don’t they? Wait, wasn’t this all about safety? You can’t have it both ways.

    • Typical liberal dope

      It’s not just for cops you silly person. I’m a first responder and I’ve lost count of the number of morons that just blast right through accident scenes long before the cops ever show up. They don’t slow down, don’t move over, just keep flying. That’s why I usually call for orders to have the road shut down, period. The safety of my crew and myself is more important than you going from something stupid to nothing at all. ‘Big bucks’ $250.00 – one less tattoo for some, NASCAR tickets for others. After the first fine, most people will learn. I have no sympathy for anyone that gets busted under this law.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Double, triple, quadruple fines… the state has an unopposed source of increased taxation. Fines doubled for the safety corridor, fines doubled in a work zone. NJ doubles fines where the speed limit is 65… sheeple.

    • Or, you could just obey the law

      Been driving for over half a century, probably over a million miles logged, haven’t had to pay one fine. See how simple it is? Don’t complain about a law or ruling if you choose not to follow it and get busted.

  • Suicide squad

    That took some serious cajones to do that story on the berm of the interstate. I’m a first responder and the interstate scares the 💩 out of me. We get the point Carmella but for your own safety, the WNEP back yard is good enough.

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