Injuries Reported After Explosion, Fire at Modern Gas Facility

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- Crews are on the scene of a fire following a reported explosion at a gas company in Luzerne County.

The first call came in just after 10:30 a.m. on Friday at Modern Gas Sales on Glendale Road, a.k.a. Route 502, in Pittston Township.



"Two people were transported, one person was taken to Lehigh Valley with some burns," said Tony Angelella, Assistant Fire Chief.

Firefighters say two employees were working on a propane truck when it caught fire. Completely wrecking two trucks and damaging a third.

The two employees were rushed to the hospital.

"It looks like a bomb went off right now, so there's two trucks that are completely burned to the ground. There is a little bit of damage to the building because of the heat. The tanks are all blackened and burned up," said Angelella.

Firefighters say this situation could have been much more serious if the vents on those burning propane trucks had not have opened.

"There were no firefighters injured at this point the red cross is taking care of it and our ems people," said Angelella.

Neighbors say the fire could be seen for miles with flames up to 70 feet in the air.

"Boom, then I heard kaboom and I thought I was about to fall right through the ground," said John Cottrell of Pittston Township.

Firefighters had nearby neighbors evacuate their homes while they worked to get the fire under control. Some decided to stay, regardless.

"You never expect anything like this to happen, just another occurrence of everyday life," said Cottrell.

The propane explosion in a residential area made people nervous if the fire would spread.

Adam Zimack was just about to start his day when he heard the explosion at modern gas

"I saw the black smoke I saw the flames I called 911 then I heard a bunch of little booms like boom boom boom," said Zimack of Pittston Township.

Emergency officials say they evacuated a few houses.

Those people were let back inside once the fire was under control.

Nikolas Graham lives down the street from the gas company and says the explosion shook his house.

"A loud boom came and then like the house shook a little bit and the dogs started barking a little bit," said Graham.

Cecelia Prizzi was coming back from grocery shopping when she saw the road home was blocked off by police and firefighters.

She's lived in this part of Pittston Township for more than thirty years.

"They've been here for years and years and I don't remember anything like this happening, it's terrible and I hope whoever is out there and got hurt is going to be all right," said Prizzi.



  • Russ

    Modern Gas property is too small. Everything…trucks, tanks, office is on top of each other. Should be spread out more to reduce the risk. And too close to homes. Often can smell that rotten egg odor of the propane additive just driving through on Rte 502 even with the car windows up.

    • Sam I Am

      Many times a business is there long before any homes were there, same with busy highways.
      And if you build a home in the woods don’t be clean complaining about the Bears the wildlife the termites and ants

      • Sam I Am

        They had to go before the zoning board to expand, taxpayers should have objected they’re expansion request when it came up at one of the monthly meetings


        All the families on my street that cook and heat with gas have bad health inside is a chimney no vent. Very dangerous….yes many gas loving friends all died young here. Do not snot your chimney….right so keep enjoying this lied about carbon filthy footprint fuel !!

  • Are you for real?

    Tragic story. But natural gas is a cleaner alternative to oil. So lighten up people. We have fires all the time including a fireworks store. Shrieking that it unsafe is just iduotic.

    • pot smoker

      Yup, Nuttin lik a gass well xplosiun ur tha tast o frakin watr to improv tha intallagenc o tha locals , Sit tight and trust your govt and the gass company – All is well in Pa

  • WarningFakeNews

    Gotta love the libs coming out of the woodwork to condemn it as an example of how unsafe natural gas DRILLING is, when it wasn’t natural gas or drilling related. Mind you, their buddies on NW16 have been singing the praises of propane as an “alternative fuel” for vehicles. The left can’t even seem to occupy one side of an argument coherently.

      • WarningFakeNews

        Solar panels can be dangerous if you have a fire in a house with them mounted on the roof, windmills can be dangerous to wildlife and can fall apart and do sometimes. Gasoline can catch fire. Ocean wave energy can be dangerous. Riding a bike can be dangerous. Slipping and falling at home kills more people, too. Cost/Benefit. All things in life involve risk.

      • Hank Hill

        Actually there is a difference between natural gas and propane. Propane is heavier than air and tends to pool in low lying areas thus it does not dissipate. This allows propane to reach and maintain an explosive level, LEL. Natural gas on the other hand is lighter than air. Obviously it can still reach an explosive level, but since it ascends into the atmosphere people in the area are much more likely to smell it’s odor and take necessary precautions such as remove themselves from the area and call 911.

    • Make everything illegal

      They should just make that stuff illegal.. just like guns, it tries killing people.. That crazy natural gas..


        All families on my street that cook and heat with gas have bad health inside is a chimney no vent. Very dangerous….yes many gas loving friends all died young here. Do not snot your chimney….right?

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