Drug Deal Turns Into Robbery in Lycoming County

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OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP — A drug deal turned into a robbery in Lycoming County.

A man was supposed to drop off marijuana at Marcus Joseph-Le Miller’s home near Williamsport Wednesday night.

Police say when he got there, Miller pulled a gun and swiped his drugs and cash.

Joseph-Le Miller faces robbery charges in Lycoming County.


  • Sad times

    Williamsport is so trashy now ! Druggies, Junkies, Dealers, Thugs, Felons, People crashing cars from Heroin ! Good grief ! Williamsport should write the book on how to destroy your once nice city with addicts, and dealers !

  • pot smoker

    They wont call the cops to report me — WRONG – What fool has drugs delivered to his home to rob them – WHo pulls a gun ? If he wasn’t a felon he is now ! Anyway that’ll teach them to rob drug dealers ! Doesn’t say if dealer was charged , maybe he has a sweeet deal with the cops ? I love this area ( don’t live there) !!!

  • El Ma

    Wow. “911, what’s your emergency?”
    “Dude be like takin’ my weed!”
    “My WEED! Dude took my WEED!!!!”
    “We’re sending an Officer, right now, sir. Please, remain on the line with me……..”

    Now, if marijuana weren’t illegal, this wouldn’t have been a waste of time and resources for more dire situations – like catching pedophiles.

    • All depends how you look at it

      And if NAMBLA and the radical gay agenda gets their way, pedophilia won’t be illegal either. And if PennDOT removed the speed limits, people could drive as fast as they want (some do anyhow). No law, no order. As it is, all the above is illegal, including the recreational use of MJ. So this wasn’t a waste of resources and now a criminal and most likely an illegally owned weapon are off the streets. Win-win!

      • El Ma

        Pot Smoker, if marijuana were NOT illegal, then it wouldn’t be sold by thugs, mobs, and gangs. That was the point. Because it IS illegal, it is lumped in with other activities that typically result in extreme violence – gang and mob related pursuits like heroin sales and distribution, kiddie porn, prostitution, black-market (racist, right?) goods, etc. People kill over these things and the money associated with them without batting an eye.

        Armed robber? Robbing a drug mule? Let me get this straight – an upstanding and productive citizen was lured into bringing an illegal substance to another man’s house in exchange for money. In a dramatic switcheroo, the man took the weed AND kept the money using an illegal firearm. In the world of illegal substances, there are no such things as “friends,” and I hope that the guy that got robbed learned a valuable lesson.

        I don’t agree with the current laws that criminalize marijuana. I’m not a big fan of weed, myself. But, there are many other events going on that require police attention and investigation than one loser ripping off another one. I termed it a “waste of resources” because there are vehicular incidents, brutal assaults, and home invasions that are placed on hold for these kinds of incidents.

      • What part of illegal don't you understand?

        @EL MA: ‘An upstanding and productive citizen – illegal substance’. Please tell me you’re being sarcastic. Doesn’t matter what you or anyone else thinks, illegal is illegal. Doesn’t matter if its heroin, cocaine, or marijuana. It’s still friggin’ illegal. You really think the police would prioritize responding to a theft of drugs before responding to an active shooter, bank robbery, or vehicle accident? Hey, here’s a thought, let’s just make everything legal and people can just fend for themselves. We can save millions by not having a police presence or court system.

      • El Ma

        WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND, um……..sadly, the interwebs do not allow for vocal inflection, body language, or facial queues to indicate when someone is expressing sarcasm.

        Easy, biscuit. Easy. Of course, it’s illegal, and my point was completely missed because of personal interpretations.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    So…. it’s illegal to steal marijuana? Must have been a strange call to 911 from the victim!

  • Fredric

    This is a laugh. Any decent public defender is going to squash this under self defense of his and other lives from an on obviously dangerous felon who by his own admission was trafficking in illegal substances and to immediately surrender said substances to the police. Call the E. M. T. This jury is splitting its sides laughing.

      • Bill K.

        Pot Smoker, you claim “never met a “decent” public defender”…..how many times do you find yourself needing an attorney? Get arrested much?

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