AAA Now Offering Roadside Assistance for Cyclists

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Roadside assistance isn't just for your car anymore!

AAA North Penn is now offering its current members in our area roadside help when their bike breaks down. The plan started earlier this month.

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey checked out how the program works on Friday morning with a few of the pros from AAA in Scranton.

Workers stress that every AAA club offers different components with this new type of roadside assistance.

In our area, when AAA North Penn service providers are dispatched to a call, they will take the bicycle owner/member and even their kids to the nearest bike shop or back home.

Service providers will not repair a flat tire on the spot or fix a popped off chain. They only provide transportation.  Crews cannot help people on rural trails deep in the woods.

However, each AAA club around the country offers different components to this roadside service for cyclists.

Some clubs, including a few on the West Coast, might even change your flat tire or fix a popped off chain.

If you're traveling out-of-state and are planning to bike while on vacation, it's best to contact the local AAA club ahead of time to see if they offer the roadside assistance for bicycles.

For more information on the program, head here!


  • Chicken Man

    I know what you mean about the rough alleyways. I popped a tire on my ten speed one time. It almost knocked the bag of tube socks right out of my basket.


    Is this just Scranton area ? or will places like Frackville be included in this assistance? I am hoping to trade my clickers in for a ten speed soon in Frackville. There is some tough trails and rough terrain in the back alleys that could be dangerous.

    • Allez

      ‘m looking into a “dash-cam” for my helmet to at least record (and then prosecute) motorists who act dangerously. I guess they figure that cyclists makes it that much more difficult to text and drive.

      • Joske

        The Cycliq Fly6 is great. I am always recording EVERY car that passes me in HIGH DEFINITION. Hit me and I’ll sue you for everything.

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