Storms Bring Damage To Lackawanna County

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- The storms came quickly in Scranton and other parts of Lackawanna County late Thursday afternoon, bringing heavy rains, strong wind and lightning, too.

"It was bad for like 20-25 minutes," said Walter Telech of Archbald.

Mulberry Street from Wyoming Avenue to Penn Avenue in the city was closed because of leaning utility poles and lines.

The road was also closed on part of North Main Avenue because a tree fell on utility lines.

On Blair Avenue in the city, a massive tree blocked the road after it was downed by the storm.

It quickly became a jungle gym for kids in the neighborhood.

"You hear all these cracklings and I look over at the tree and boom! The tree's gone. This tree's been here as long as I've been here! The kids wanted to climb the tree one day. Here they go now, just climbing it while it's down!” laughed Jomayra Velez of Scranton.

A tree fell on a home in Clarks Summit, damaging the outside of the home and causing some cracks inside, too.

The homeowners say no one was injured.

"When the wind came, I was closing windows in the front here and I told my wife, we don't have to worry about PennDOT taking the tree down, it's down. It shook the whole house,” said Ken Jenkins of Clarks Summit.

A large tree fell on a place along Washington Avenue in Jermyn, too.

No one was home at the time.

"It's amazing, it really is, you know the tree is old, but still to see it fall like that. Good thing that branch didn't fall to go on the house,” said Walter Telech of Archbald.



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